Writing Your Memoirs? 5 Quick Tips!

I just noticed Laurence Fox say on Twitter that he's thinking of writing his memoirs. I wrote mine recently and apart from being very therapeutic, my book 'A Better Entrepreneur' got to No #1 in two of it's categories and No #2 in the other categories on Amazon. 

So here's what I learned in 5 quick tips.

1. Plan out your memoirs following the 5-Act 'Hero's Journey' structure (Google it!). It makes for a more satisfying read even though your reader won't know why. All the big stories follow that story arc, so your reader is subconsciously looking for it.

2. Drop your reader straight into the action. You can always backfill the story later, you need to grab their attention and hopefully, get them to care for your character immediately.

3. Make a spreadsheet before you start, map out the 5-Acts above. Doesn't sound very creative? It will help you a lot, believe me! Divide each into the same 5 sections so each has the 5 act arc within it. 25 chapters - perfect! Then chop up your story to fit and roughly note down in your spreadsheet what each chapter will cover.

4. Envisage your story in 'scenes' (which should be easy for Laurence as he's an actor) while you are writing. Make sure each 'scene' holds some tension within it. The scene should move from negative to positive or vice versa. It's boring reading otherwise.

5. Decide on your supporting cast and if you can tell that 'scene' in dialogue, do that. Try and show, not tell. It's more exciting for the reader to have to puzzle out what's going on.

BONUS TIP #1:  While it's being edited (ChatGPT can do it seconds but do it in sections) start planning the launch of your book. Get the URL for the great title that will occur as you are writing.

Make a simple one-page website using Carrd.co for your book, where readers can input their details and Order No. to be entered into a prize draw to attend an event with the author. Convert buyers to subscribers which will make your next book an even bigger success.

BONUS TIP #2: Get familiar with Amazon Ads, the PublisherRocket .com software has a quick and handy training course and is very affordable.

Much of this was learned by listening to the 

@StoryGrid podcast with Shawn Coyne and Tim Grahl, so a massive thanks to those guys.

Get my book at ABetterEntrepreneur.com where you can discover how I bought a 12-bed hotel in Worthing 'no money down', among other tales of entrepreneurial derring-do!

(and please write a review on Amazon if you like it) 


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