Unconventional I know.  

That's how we roll around here though.  We do what works.

How do we know what works?  We test. And we'll teach you how to do that too.

Everyone who decides to work with me this month,
will enjoy unlimited personal WhatsApp support through the life of your Membership!  

That's right.  If there is anything you are not happy sharing in the Private Client Group or on the live Zoom Q&A's, you can just WhatsApp me privately.


I get a nugget of gold every time I speak to Nicola.  I highly recommend working with her, especially if you are a guy, she's a straight talker and doesn't beat around the bush, but tells it straight. If Nicola makes a suggestion, run don't walk to implement!

Dodge Woodall Eventful Lives Podcast & Bournemouth 7s Festival

25 Years Plus Experience

Nicola coded her first website in 1995, two years after the internet opened up to the general public.

Being highly intuitive with software, particularly when it means making more money, Nicola has kept up to date with the advent of socail media, blogging, content creation, marketing automation and video.

If there is a faster, easier, cheaper, more fun way to do things, Nicola will know about it.

Over 200 Different Business Types

The range of businesses that Nicola's mentored and marketed is endless, ranging from hydroponic wheatgrass growers to farmers taking in an animal eye-drop creator, a Charity Founder in Africa, a virtual midwife, a huna specialist to a cement specialist!  

From Ecommerce to Local, Authors, Consultants, Coaches, Speakers & Authors, Singers and DJ's, a music festival founder...the list goes on and on...

Online & Offline Expertise

Nicola's personal experience covers both off and linline businesses.  

With experience in the fashion, music and anticques industry, Nicola is both highly creative and a formidable project manager. She has organised fashion shows, international conferences and launch parties. 

She once bought a 12-bedroom hotel 'no money down', renovated & filled it in under 12 weeks.

Straight Talking
(But Kind)

We all know time is money and Nicola doesn't mess about. If you need to be told something straight, this is where you'll find that. Experienced in both the practical and psychological aspects of entrepreneuship, if you are serious about improving, you'll be in the right place.

Custom Packages To Suit All Budgets

There are two one-off payment trainings along with some great support for that. If you think you might need more support there is a great affordable 'Club' set up.

For more advanced entrepreneurs, we can create a custom package for you.


I pay handsomely for some of Nicola's time every year, and we overhaul my whole business. Every time she comes up with new ideas; for products, marketing methods, what's hot in social media that I can leverage my existing content into.  She has literally helped me add millions of dollars to my bottom line.

 Neil Asher - Founder, AussieOnlineEntrepreneurs.com

action takers
30-Day Guarantee

30 Days 'Action Takers'
Full Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you get to the end of the 30 days and, having taken action, you are not getting any results, you can get a full refund immediately. If you have any issues going through the process, just get in touch with Nicola and she'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

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