When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

Some days I just don’t feel like it.

Oh, I don’t mean talking to clients, I always enjoy that.  In fact, I had a very enjoyable conversation with a client earlier about something he’d heard about and thought might work for him and his business.  

As it turned out that it was a path I had recently been going down myself, along with a mentor of mine, and had already had the thought that it might work for him. I was going to test it out, then mention it, but he beat me to it.  I was able to give him some valuable real-world feedback.

No, I mean some days I just don’t feel like doing the creative bits. Like write and share this blog post.

So I did my usual little prevarication routine.

Drink coffee, write my journal, water my tomato plants and sweet peas with banana water, put the towels on to wash, make more coffee, drink coffee on the balcony while admiring the blue stripe-free sky with big fluffy clouds (the like of which we’ve not seen for a few months), long chat with one of my mentors, watch Andrew Bridgen’s heroic speech in Parliament, check the Bitcoin price, write in my journal some more… you get the picture.

Then, as writing my journal gave me an idea for a way I could get something done without doing it myself, I spent an hour or so putting a job description on Upwork and replying to proposals.

I had arranged to go to my daughters for supper, so I knew my time today was finite, she wanted us there early as she had a late night last night, and wanted to catch up.  Cheeky witch!

But then the guilt of not keeping my commitment to myself to blog every day or if not, three times a week minimum, got the better of me and here I am, with half an hour to go before I have to leave, FINALLY getting some inspiration.

As you know if you are a regular reader of mine, I do like to share my own entrepreneurial journey honestly, and try and extract the learning from each situation, so what would I say that I could have done differently.

One thing I became aware of that might have helped, would be to avoid Amazon delivering during the week.  Although I’m here most days, I was aware in the back of my mind that I was awaiting a couple of important parcels today and that was a bit unsettling as I didn’t want to get stuck into something that would get interrupted. 

What DID help though was the journaling.

I decided to write out my grumpiness, moan, moan, moan, then later I had the idea to work through the problem-solving exercise I shared in my last post, for myself.  There’s been a niggle I've been trying to fix.

I do find there is something very head-clearing about drawing out little flow charts and seeing possibilities where none existed before.

That’s where I got the idea of putting the job on Upwork.  Within minutes of posting it a perfect freelancer popped up and we have a very productive conversation.

Do you journal?

As I wrote and wrote and wrote, I could feel my grumpiness lifting by the minute and now, I’ve solved a problem AND written a blog post, finding the perfect picture to share what my face looked like today.

Friday night?

Bring it on!

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash


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