What’s Worked, What Hasn’t, What’s Changing?

Every week in my newsletter, I aim to give plenty of value and information that my subscribers can’t get anywhere else.  I think that is why I have such a high open rate! (That, and a great two-step sending technique!)

I share a bit about what’s going on in the world and what I think of that, a section on the hottest videos or podcasts I’ve come across around the topics of Mindset, Marketing & Money, along with timestamps to watch that specific bit rather than wade through the whole thing.

Then I fill in the section some people like best, or so they tell me in their emails.

What’s Worked, What Hasn’t & What’s Changing?

Three questions I diligently answer every week and, to be honest, I get as much value out of it as my subscribers.

It’s a habit I picked up from the best boss I ever had, Bennie Gray of the Space Organisation, who used to largely leave me alone as long as I filled those question in on an email before I went home on a Friday night.  

It makes me stop and think about what’s gone well or ‘worked’ that week, what hasn’t and what I’m going to change as a result.

Notice there is no blaming, no wringing of hands, making excuses or feeling sorry for oneself, it’s just practical and unemotional.  I like that. 

What’s Worked?

Making YouTube shorts (with captions) for each of the long-form videos I’ve made this last couple of weeks. The captions make a huge difference it seems as many people watch with the sound off (why?).  I’ve also been uploaded them to TikTok, a platform I’ve never engaged with since realising how addictive it is, but my business mentor says I shouldn’t ignore it especially if I’m making shorts.  All my peers are on it.

Yes, I’m making YouTube videos again, so that’s a win.  

To warm up, I made one about the over-50 YouTubers I follow who have moved to a new place, or live alone and love it, or are homesteading in Portugal or Spain or Canada.  I follow these people as I live alone now, would love to homestead in Greece specifically, so I find them inspirational, and rather typically that’s getting more views than any of my other recent content, apart from my Andy Shaw interview about mindset and entrepreneurship.

I also made a video about what I consider to be the most important five things to think about when starting an online business.  This arose out of wanting to test another optin offer, one for aspiring online entrepreneurs, to see if something more basic was of more interest to my visitors.  I recorded the video, saved as video and audio, uploaded the video to YouTube, the audio to Podium.page to create a transcript, a Twitter Thread and a summary, but haven’t got around to creating a new optin follow up sequence in ActiveCampaign yet.

Meanwhile, I attracted three new mailing list optins this week.  Typical.  While the traffic on the new website is still small (around 224 new users per month) it’s growing at 29% so the regular blogging is working. 

I’m also posting the podcast on the blog and embedding in a new post any videos I make on YouTube.  Apparently, Google Search likes a multi-media site and any plays on my site count as views on YouTube.

What Hasn’t?

All this focusing on YouTube again - although very enjoyable editing is quite time-consuming - has slowed down my written blogging somewhat, so when I came to record my podcast this week, I didn’t have enough content to record to voice and podcast.  I have the audio from this week’s YouTube video ‘Quick & Easy 5-Point Online Business Plan’ and of course, there’s Episode 4 of 5 of Andy’s interview to add in, but I wanted something else in case those two items were not of interest.

Hence this post.

This tells me that I’m not sticking to my own routine, I didn’t write the three blog posts on Monday, that I planned.  Typical entrepreneur, busy setting up systems then not following them.  Story of my life.

Ah, I remember what happened! Inspiration didn’t strike before I got distracted by a great friend of mine getting set up for a crime he didn’t commit.  On a Bank Holiday too!

What’s Changing?

I’m going to look again at my content production schedule and attempt to stick to it this week!  

‘Attempt’ being a better word than ‘try’.  

No, Nicola! 

In the words of Yoda, there is no ‘try’ there is only ‘do’.

It was much easier back in the day when I had a small team waiting for me to record my weekly video and then each of them had tasks associated with it.

I didn’t want to let the team down, because they couldn’t earn their money if they didn’t do their tasks, so I felt responsible for getting it done in a timely fashion each week!

Having a team makes you more accountable.  At the moment, as I gear my business up again, I’m really only accountable to me.

And my newsletter readers!

P.S. Yes, I know that’s not Yoda, but Grogu, but I love the baby more!

Photo by Emmanuel Denier on Unsplash


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