What Worked?

What worked? 

All the social media work I’ve done for my aspiring MP friend has worked.  We built a solid base of people who know who he is, who are supportive of his goals and not only has his confidence increased, but he’s got a clear ‘personal branding’ framework for going forward locally if he wants to run for the local council perhaps.

On YouTube, he went from a brand new empty channel to 9071 organic views and 91 subscribers. Three of the videos went a bit viral which was exciting.  One that I thought would go well, didn’t initially, but by changing the thumbnail and title, it took off and is now the star video with over 3000 views in the last week.  He’s still getting around 20 views per hour and peaked at 120 views per hour earlier this week.

As usual, my clients' campaigns do better than mine LOL!

The TikTok campaign went from zero to 1021 followers in 28 days and garnered 2152 likes, over 32 videos, all captioned and annotated.

Matthew even had Labour-supporting youngsters coming up to talk to him, while he was out, saying they liked his TikTok campaign!  If only they had voted for him!

The Facebook page only grew by 30 odd followers to 1500 followers, but had amazing engagement with local people in the likes, shares and comments.

Twitter blew up and went from 174 followers to 614 new followers (up 730%) in under two weeks (he had forgotten his password so I couldn't get in for two weeks) but gained over 61.5 thousand post impressions (up 4,682%) while reposts of Matthew’s content on Twitter were 1.4K (up 45,533%). 

I think, going forwards, he could simply do a weekly Live on Facebook, which would build his audience, and let people know where to find him, then we could chop it up and share the parts across the other platforms, while simply recording short videos straight to camera whenever a local or national issue stirs his stumps.  That would keep him front of mind locally should he wish to run for the local council and it would also help his beautiful B&B business attract guests.

Now, back to me, haha!

I have been thinking about it and I am definitely drawn to the idea of being an over-50 YouTuber in my retirement years.  

I’m a creator / star personality type in Wealth Dynamics terms, so it fits my personality profile and my ‘shortest route to the money’.  I have all the skills and this new channel content strategy will be easier as it’s just about my life.  It will also build me a community and open doors to a new life.

Having said that, I’ve had an idea for the business channel @NicolaCairncross too, where I record a weekly ‘What’s Worked, What Hasn’t & What’s Changing?’ video.  That will add to my interview weekly videos and the podcast going out once a week there.

When I looked I found that I already had an iphone Gimbal (covered in dust obviously) and on the way to vote, while filming some of my local area, I actually figured out how to use it. So that will mean I can get out more (and film as I do it), which will give me a reason to leave the house.

My new personal channel Swagger & Soul is back up and running now and attracting views.  If you enjoy videos of someone thinking out loud, digging deep, seeking their new life’s path, with a bit of local colour added in, you might enjoy this.  

Please like, comment and subscribe when you are over there, I’d really appreciate it and it tells the algo who my target audience might be.

What Didn’t

Well sadly, the candidate for Penrith & Solway came third but it was always a long shot.  We only had 28 days from a standing start and while he wasn’t known locally, he got out there but he got 15,000 votes and made loads of great new contacts.

There’s nothing that didn’t really work for me this week, apart from my having a bit of a meltdown about the state of the world on Wednesday.

What’s Changing

OK I’m back on my own marketing with all the focus being on selling my two main training & mentoring products, which I'm calling Challenges although the only person you'l be challenging is yourself.

The first, ‘Magnetic Content Creation’ is for the more mature business owner wanting to up their marketing game, and the second is ‘Better Entrepreneur’ which is more aimed at the starter businesses. 

Both include 5 days intense training, with one month’s all-in mentoring from me, then any participant can join the ‘Extraordinary Entrepreneurs’ club at a level that suits them.

This is the kind of training / mentoring I’d sign up for so I hope it will appeal to my ideal future customer!

Just gotta get that traffic flowing now!


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