What Worked?

What worked? Well, I’ve had a great week, it’s been a revelation to work on a social media project where there’s an endpoint - 4th July 2024, where there’s a real feeling of excitement and momentum building. Where many more people are engaged in the content, for good or ill, than largely indifferent to it or just being interrupted by it. 

I’m doing the social media for a mate, who is the ReformUK candidate for Penrith & Solway in Cumbria. This is Matthew, who you may recognise as I've interviewed him for my Extraordinary Entrepreneurs series.

For the record, I don’t think our problems can be solved via politics, I think it’s gone way too far for that and pitchforks will need to be polished, but Matthew is a thoroughly decent bloke and his heart’s totally in the local area as he actually lives there. 

Matthew comes from the world of property and while not rich, does not need bribes or inducements and has never done anything bad enough to be blackmailed.  Not that ReformUK have a whip yet, who can bully their candidates to vote against their conscience.  So they are all, in effect, independent.  They could disavow their part affiliation at any time.

The best thing is, whatever question I have, or see online, I just tell Matthew and he makes a video of it, he’s very good at talking to camera.  Check out his YouTube channel here, I’ve managed to get a couple of videos to go viral.  Well, it was more the content and the way I set them up to gain maximum exposure to be honest.

Wow, you should see the comments though!  People get so nasty, I'm glad it's not me!  

Given more time and he could have a podcast as well as a YouTube Channel, Twitter, Facebook Page, Instagram and TikTok account.  Oh yes, we’ve got him covered across all social media.  He’s not so keen on political stuff going on his LinkedIn account and I can’t blame him, so we’re leaving that for now.

Did you know that Nigel Farage has nearly a million followers on TikTok while Sunak and Starmer don’t even have official accounts.  No wonder Farage is doing so well with young people. 

Also, this week my Bitcoin-focused client poked his head up again and his book is finished!  He was astonished when I told him that it was now seven months later.  He wants me to get it onto Amazon for him, set up the Amazon ads and give him the links to promote it through his speaking network.  A website update and a new website is on the cards too, so I’ve told him that after Friday I’ll be able to fit him in.  

Either Matthew will win his seat and his social media will settle down a bit to be more strategic, less ‘all hands to the pump’, or he won’t and we’ll settle down into a rhythm getting ready for next time. 

It’s a so-called ‘safe’ Tory seat but the incumbent never comes out in public for fear of his own public safety (that’s telling in itself), so Matthew’s got a chance. He was 23% in the polls yesterday, neck and neck with the Conservative candidate (who didn’t turn up to the live debate on the BBC Cumbria this morning) up from 21% at the beginning of the week.

It’s interesting to talk to, and work with, people who are 100% disinterested in making money personally.  Makes a change but catches me by surprise sometimes.

Matthew will obviously get paid if he becomes MP of course but IMHO MP’s don’t get paid enough for the important job they do, most entrepreneurs earn more.  He’s spending every waking hour working now to meet as many people as he can in the four short weeks they were given.  Penrith & Solway in Cumbria could do no better, he loves the place.  

John, the Bitcoin speaker and author, is not interested in selling anything from his website, he only wants the book on Amazon as it will get more attention that way, he’d give it away if he could but nobody would pay any attention to it then.

What Didn’t

My work YouTube channel is ticking over now with the weekly podcast and a weekly interview but I’ve decided I need a new, more personal channel.  Sometimes I put things on my work YouTube that I really shouldn't.

My life is not working.  Work is fine, life is, quite frankly not.

I've admitted to myself that, what with one thing and another, I'm not happy.  I'm content and if it weren't for the WEF, the encroaching global tyranny and them constantly spraying the skies to block out the sun, I could probably manage, but that's not very exciting and inspirational is it?

I think these thoughts were triggered by my always motivated friend Philippa messaging me last night to tell me that, now her kids are grown, she's off to Valencia to live.  She's oblivious to the evil around and the restrictinos incoming, she's just living every moment as if it were her last.  Which, indeed, it could be for any of us.

Thinking about my future life long-term, after the digital marketing and personal branding gets old, I think I might want to become an over-50 YouTuber, something I could continue even if I retire.  

I loved making my vzine for three years and I really enjoy the creativity of recording and editing video, and there are plenty of people out there making little homegrown videos about their life.  Even when that life is not really very exciting. I enjoy them. I’ve always worried about that,  not being exciting enough, but people like homey, comforting watching now too it seems.

I do, it calms me down when the madness of what's going on in the world gets too much.

I regularly watch people gardening and doing DIY, I even watch one guy walking around his garden just talking about his life.  He’s in France, but you would never know, as he never takes his camera out with him!  It’s just fascinating to see his mind work.

What’s Changing

So I’m reviving my personal YouTube channel Swagger & Soul.  The channel and podcast was started just before Sarah and I went to stay in Greece, but neglected horribly ever since, as Sarah went off the idea and I was focusing on my business channel.  

I’ve recorded this video to start with, outlining what it will be about and if you enjoy being a bit nosy, delving into the life behind the business, this one might be for you.

If you enjoy videos of people digging deep, seeking their life’s path, with a bit of local colour added in, then you might enjoy this.  I'm going to be honest on this channel in a way I can't be on the business channel.

At the very least it might get me out of the house a bit.

As I have currently no reason to leave the house, with home deliveries and all, that’s another thing that’s not working in my life, I thought this new channel might give me a reason.  

I need an iphone gimbal and lapel mic really, so you don’t get too jiggly and annoyed by the wind, but that can come in time.

If you do visit, please comment and subscribe when you are , I’d really appreciate it and it tells the algo who my target audience might be.


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