"You Can't Be A Success
AND A Secret!"

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Tell me, could your business use more sales? Of course it could!  Would you like to sell more books perhaps?  I think so.

The problem is, author or entrepreneur, you simply can't be a success AND a secret.

Welcome! My name is Nicola Cairncross and I help 'big picture' thinkers including authors, experts, creatives and extraordinary entrepreneurs - - just like you - attract your ideal customers or clients by getting your book published on Amazon KDP and simultaneously creating an easy, enjoyable, proven marketing system.  

Where you'll do ONLY the bits that only YOU can do and enjoy, then automate or outsource the rest. Sounds good, right?

With over 25 years of being an author and digital marketing experience working with hundreds of business owners in many different sectors, I know I can help your book and/or your business make more sales. Have a look around the site or simply book an appointment to talk to me

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“ I get a nugget of gold every time I talk to you! ”

Roger 'dodge' woodall

founder 'Bournemouth 7s' & eventful lives podcast

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'Talking to Nicola regularly has created millions of YouTube views, not to mention millions of dollars worth of business for me'.  Neil Asher, Founder of AussieOnlineEntrepreneurs.com 

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