The Power Of Podcasts

Do you have a podcast for your business? I've produced nearly a thousand podcast episodes over the years, on topics from business to creative writing and I just love it. Nothing creates a more intimate and trusting relationship with your potential future customer than your voice (and that of your guests) right inside their head. Especially if you are delivering value to them, free!

I’ve rebranded my podcast to better reflect my new book ‘A Better Entrepreneur’ and I wanted to be able to invite a wider range of guests on to talk to my audience.  Open it out from digital marketing to entrepreneurship.

If you have an interesting, exciting or inspiring entrepreneurial story to tell, do get in touch, I’m taking bookings for exciting video conversations via Zoom now.

While I’m getting some new guests lined up, I was thinking about what to do in the meantime, to keep existing subscribers entertained and informed.  I came up with the idea of just reading out my blog posts, bundling them up and sharing them once a week.

That was a bit of an eye-opener I can tell you. I’m paying much more attention to how I string a sentence together now!

Last week’s podcast was called ‘This Week In Business' and I covered topics like Overcoming Resistance, Best Wealth Creation Books, Painkiller v Vitamin, You Are Enough, Is Your Business Invisible, Out Of The Flow, Intuition” and you can catch it here and subscribe via your favourite podcast host.

Substack | Apple | Spotify | My Website

This episode was actually Ep. 265 so if you want to, do go back and scroll through the previous episodes, when the podcast was called Clicks & Leads.  You might find something you like there.

And many people are still listening to the 250 odd episodes of ‘Own It The Podcast’ that I did with Judith Morgan, my ex-business partner.  I host that on YouTube Podcasts now along with the ‘one that must not be named’. We still host a private Facebook group for listeners so you can get any questions answered.

It’s become so easy to start a podcast now, you can use Zoom to record interview podcasts and the audio only versions are even easier.  For hosting, you can use Substack, although that limits your reach when sharing on Twitter, unless you also embed your episodes on your own website (recommended).

One of my clients had never listened to a podcast before he started his, but within eight weeks he was No 3 on Apple Podcasts globally and to date he has enjoyed over 100 million appearances on social media, is played in 187 countries and is in the top 0.5% of podcasts globally.  He started it, on my suggestion, to build an audience for his new course for people in the Events Industry, his company is now making a very nice extra income from sponsorship and YouTube advertising revenue.  You can find him by searching Dodge Woodall or ‘Eventful Lives’.

Daniel Priestley said on his LinkedIn profile recently that appearing on the ‘Diary Of A CEO’ podcast with Steven Bartlett has totally exploded his Scorecard App business (and I don’t remember him talking about the app much at all during the interview). 

I’m busy compiling a list of podcasts I’d like to appear on, and by the Law Of Attraction, the best way to make that happen is to start interviewing guests on mine.  I’ve done this many times before but over the last four years I slacked off a bit.

Here’s a great previous episode recorded with founder of Bean Ninjas, Meryl Johnstone, telling her story of starting the first global, virtual, accountancy company, focusing on serving ecommerce sellers and digital nomads.

Who wants to be next?

Just click here and get in touch, tell me a bit about you.

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash


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