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If you are an entrepreneur, you’ll know the allure of the shiny & new.  The feelings you get at the beginning of a totally new project are like nothing else.  

The potential, the possibilities, the uncharted territories you’ll be going into, the situations you can’t yet predict, each one a new adventure in and of themselves.

When I was in the world of work, corporate land, I would last about 18 months in any job.  Nowadays that’s quite normal but back in the 80’s or 90’s (and yes, I am talking about the last century here!) I had quite a lot of CV fiddling to do to massage those dates.  

I always did a brilliant job for about eighteen months, making things better, running more efficiently, setting up systems.  Then I got terminally bored, couldn’t follow my own systems and either left or got made redundant.

If you have read my book ‘A Better Entrepreneur’, you’ll know that the best job I ever had was working for an entrepreneur called Bennie Gray, who recognised that quality in me.  He harnessed the power of the entrepreneur for his business by giving me Special Projects.  In fact that was the name I gave myself, Special Projects Manager (and isnt’ being able to pick your own job title the coolest thing ever?).

But despite the changes of name and URL occasionally, I’ve been working for myself full time since 1998, a full 26 years.  I’ve been entrepreneurial most of my life, but it was only in 1998 that I managed to earn enough from my activities to not need to work for someone else.

What made the difference?

How have I been able to harness my entrepreneurial spirit enough to stay engaged but not have to fire myself?

I think it is because the product hasn’t changed - essentially I’ve been a trainer and coach, working 1:2:1 with people and sometimes in small groups - but the marketing methods have.  

In fact, the marketing methods have never stopped changing!  

At one point, in 2022, I thought I was done.  I felt burned out, worn out, exhausted with constantly having to get up every day and market my business online.  Not to mention that it all felt pointless (a side effect of grief I discovered).

So I stopped.

I was in the lucky position where I came into some money and I didn’t have to work for a while, after making some astute investments (my main hobby, along with cooking, gardening, reading and keeping up with the search for alien life)

So I stopped marketing (but didn’t kill my business as I had a few long term clients still), went to Greece and then Mexico before coming home in late 2022 to be nearer to my family, ready for whatever was going to happen next.

After a month or two of settling into my new flat, I realised I was feeling horrible.  Bored, creatively unfulfilled, unnecessary, not making any dent in the universe at all.  Actually it was worse than that, I felt totally invisible!

Slowly cranking my marketing wheel back up helped, as I started to make daily YouTube videos and learn all about how YouTube works.  People started commenting on the videos and a community grew on YouTube.  

I sent out a link to the new daily video to my mailing list, which warmed those people up again too and I also embedded it on Substack, growing a community there too.

I created blog posts and podcasts from the videos and shared them across all social media. 

From that one daily spurt of creativity, I was ‘being everywhere online’ every day.  Clients who I had never met or spoken to before signed up.

That was enough to get everything flowing again, so I started to write my business memoirs in my ‘spare time’, which I’d been meaning to do in Greece and Mexico, but the beach was always more alluring. 

One day, after some URL wrangling for the book, the perfect title appeared (as it always does) and I was able to slowly rebrand from the thing that Facebook hated, into a new wrapper for the thing I’ve always done.

Becoming ‘A Better Entrepreneur’ mentor and coach, helping hundreds of authors, speakers and experts of all kind, find the hidden gold in their business. 

So if you are struggling in the world of work, or keep chopping and changing your business or business model, or even your marketing methods, what can you learn from my experience?

How could you wrap your core product or service in a marketing wrapper that allows you to enjoy the ever-changing allure of the shiny and new, without changing the infrastructure or confusing your customers?

If you want to have a chat about that, just book into my diary for a quick 15-minute ‘Triage Session’ here. 

I love working with entrepreneurs.

Photo by Carlos Esteves on Unsplash


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