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I had a horrible shock this morning as I sipped my coffee and read my emails.

Last week, having spent most of two days setting up a very intensive new ‘lead magnet’ I signed up for my own latest promotion via email, on my website, as is my habit.  

The first email went out yesterday but I’d not had time to check it, so I skimmed the email I’d sent Hamish McTavish. It’s always Hamish, that indefatigable Secret Shopper, who always checks things out along my customer journey.

Hamish liked the look of the email and then clicked one of the most  important links.  He was a little disconcerted to arrive at a page he really wastn’t expecting to see, so he took a screenshot.  

Worse, there was no menu at the top of the page, or at least it looked like there wasn’t .  Hamish’s thumb stabbed at the top of the page until he found a link, which unfurled the drop down from the invisible burger. Invisible because it was black not orange.  Click went the screenshot.

Going back, he checked his email to make sure that Day 2 of the thing he’d signed up for had arrived.  It had, but while the subject line said Day 2, the first line in the email said ‘Welcome to Day 1 of the Challenge’.

Groan.  Click went the screenshot.

Hamish tried scrolling down too, thinking there must me a menu at the bottom!  Nope, not a sign of it.  A stab of the thumb worked though so the same issue was going on there.


I set about fixing the minor but annoying issues Hamish had uncovered.  The menu issue is a recurring problem, as I’d customised (some might say butchered) the theme template when making my own website. For some reason, when I clone a page, it buggers up the menu, but only on mobile, not desktop.

I also wanted to change the call to action on a certain page following a second read of Daniel Priestley’s book ‘Key Person Of Influence’.Computer open, 

The other issues were quickly fixed, and the call to action changed.  I also made a note in my online diary, to check the results of the Daniel Priestley experiment.  So I can relax for now, at least until Hamish’s next email arrives.

Why am I telling you all this?  

One could argue that it makes me look unprofessional, all these niggles on a new promotion.

Because I think it’s super important - even if you are the MD or CEO of the company - to go through your own website occasionally, particularly if something new has been set up. 

Make sure it’s obvious and easy for any customer to take your ‘most wanted action’ and that nothing, but nothing stops that flow in it’s tracks.  

Nothing should stop the customer and make them think ‘say what?!!’.

When was the last time you checked your website?

When was the last time you put an email address in one of your opt-in boxes and read the emails that arrived, clicking on your links as you do?

You’ll be amazed at what you find!

Image by Dalle-E / ChatGPT


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