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Gail's Story | Part 4

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Gail had been feeling pretty pleased with the results she got from the ABE Business Mentor App. 

She had ‘roughed out’ a course curriculum discussing what she felt were the most pressing aspects of each challenge being faced by her potential ideal client and including three suggestions for how to improve things.

She had fed that back into the App and it gave her some compliments and made a few good minor suggestions.  

She had then gone on to ask it for a book to recommend for each section, a high-view YouTube video, along with a suggested podcast to listen to. Most of those were exactly what she would have added, but the App reminded her that its sources were truncated in 2021.

Nicola was hosting one of her regular Q&A sessions that week and had suggested that Gail join the Silver level of her Coaching Programme, even if just for one month, and that they discuss it all then, rather than handling it by lots of typing in the free Facebook Group. 

Gail looked at her options and while she could have booked in for a private Power Hour, the quicker option to get Nicola’s direct, specific feedback was to join Silver. She decided to invest.

At lunchtime that Thursday, Gail turned up on time on the Zoom call. There were a couple of other clients there, with quick practical questions, so Nicola asked if Gail was ok to hang on while she handled those and then they turned to discussing Gail’s next steps.

Nicola first asked Gail to take a step back from this alluring path she was going down with event organisers and to use the Business Mentor App to follow a new prompt Nicola was going to give her, with at least three other potential groups of clients.  The prompt will give Gail a really deep understanding of each group, along with their biggest challenges, the emotions those challenges generated and what it meant to their business not to get those challenges sorted.  

Nicola said she likes each new client of hers (especially if they are new to entrepreneurship) to have at least four potential client groups, so that if the first one didn’t start getting traction in the first three months, they could cycle through the other three over the next year, to find the most responsive group, that resonated with Gail particularly.

That done, Gail told Nicola about her potential three month course and Nicola asked to see the topics and content that Gail had roughed out.

Apparently, after the Business Mentor App exercise, Gail would have a much better idea of what the Top 9-10 Challenges were and she could pick three of the most compelling that would make a well-rounded webinar.


Nicola recommended writing a Facebook post, that could also be used on Instagram and LinkedIn, offering a free webinar, with a choice of two times that her target market could easily make.  Perhaps a Tuesday evening and a Sunday morning?  

The idea was to create a post that outlined who Gail wanted to work with, what she was offering (free Zoom Webinar), what the firm outcome would be for attendees, who it would suit, who it wouldn’t, and how to register. 

Nicola fired a few questions at Gail, after first apologising for being quite direct and saying she wanted Gail to get as much value from the call as possible.

  • Any testimonials from previous clients?
  • Did she have a Zoom pro account?
  • Did she have a CRM like ActiveCampaign yet?
  • Did she have a Zapier account yet? You could set things up via Zapier to automatically move Zoom registrants into the CRM?

‘Yes, No, No and No’, were Gail’s answers. 

‘But I could spend next week setting those up’.

Nicola said it was more important to test the concept and market responsiveness first, rather than worry about getting all the tech in place.  As long as she kept the names and emails of any registrants, they could always be added later.  

It would be cheaper to hire a good VA to do all that, than to learn how to do it herself, as Gail’s time was worth more and it would take a VA a few hours, but would take Gail a few days, if not weeks!

The call ended with Gail feeling very focused.  Nicola wanted Gail to feed back results to her and also the rough draft of the webinar promotion post, just so she could make sure it wasn't missing anything essential - like a call to action!

Gail's short list for the next week included writing the post, the App exercise to do on Event Organisers, three more potential client groups to think up and research, she was armed with her cheat sheet on how to find, screen and hire a great VA on Upwork, and she knew she had a Zoom account to set up.

Gail also felt the relief of not having to set all the tech up herself and she loved the idea of using a webinar to test market interest before plunging into a lot of work heading in the wrong direction.  

Her experience of working with Nicola so far gave her confidence that this woman had lots of experience, she really knew her digital marketing stuff and the mixture of strategic, practical and direct advice was just what Gail was looking for.

‘I think I might be around for longer than just one month of Silver membership’ she thought. ‘Great modelling on how I could do things in the future, as well’.

Watch out for Part 5 tomorrow.

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash


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