1. Business Idea Validation
    • How to validate your business idea before investing time and money.
    • Tools and techniques for conducting market research.
  2. Building a Business Plan
    • Step-by-step guide to creating a comprehensive business plan.
    • Common pitfalls to avoid in business planning.
  3. Funding and Financing Options
    • How to secure funding for your startup.
    • Different types of financing and how to choose the right one.
  4. Marketing Strategies for Startups
    • Cost-effective marketing tactics for new businesses.
    • How to build an effective online presence and brand.
  5. Mindset, Time Management and Productivity
    • Overcoming any obstacles
    • Time management tips for entrepreneurs.
    • How to prioritize tasks and avoid burnout.
  6. Sales and Customer Acquisition
    • Strategies for acquiring your first customers.
    • Techniques for building and nurturing customer relationships.
  7. Legal and Regulatory Considerations
    • Key legal steps to take when starting a business.
    • Understanding the regulatory requirements for your industry.
  8. Technology and Tools
    • Essential tools and software for running a small business.
    • How to leverage technology to streamline operations.
  9. Networking and Building Relationships
    • The importance of networking and how to do it effectively.
    • Building strategic partnerships to grow your business.
  10. Scaling and Growth
    • When and how to scale your business.
    • Strategies for sustainable growth and expansion
  11. You Are Different! Embrace The Entrepreneurial Journey

Nicola with Phoebe & Nelson in her beloved Greece


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