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Gail's Story | Part 3

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Gail took the Kolbe A Test once, as part of her continual personal development at the Big 4 consulting firm she’d worked at.  She knew she was a big fat 2 on research, so she was either going to have to grow a new personality type, and/or method of taking action on this, or get some help.

She’d talked to Magenta and it had been a great conversation. Magenta was a highly successful freelancer with years of experience of event organising. However, like most self-employed people who were not building a business, but who were the business, she went through periods of financial feast or famine. 

When she was busy doing the business, she didn’t have time to market the business and her paperwork usually had to wait until the quiet patches, when it gone done only until Magenta panicked about getting more work in!

Encouragingly, Magenta said she knew many other people working in her industry who were in the same boat.  Gail knew that if she could work out a way to help Magenta and people like her, she might have found a highly enjoyable niche.  

But what would high-achieving freelancers want, need and most importantly pay for? Gail had obviously asked Magenta, but all she had been able to reply was ‘More clients, obviously!’  She hadn’t really been able to articulate what she needed in order to achieve that.

Time to break out the ‘A Better Entrepreneur’ business mentor app again.

From talking to Nicola in her private Facebook group, Gail knew there were a set of questions that she could ask the ‘Magenta’ client persona Gail had set up last week, in order to find out more about the challenges creative freelancers face in the Events Industry.

Gail was astonished when the ABE Mentor App only took a couple of minutes to tell her the top problems, challenges, or issues faced by creative freelancers in the Events Industry, grouped into practical, financial, emotional, spiritual, and psychological categories.  There were several there that Gail would never have come up with on her own!

Moving on to identify which three were Magenta’s biggest challenges.  Magenta replied with a set of three main goals. From her conversation with the real person, Gail recognised that these goals were, indeed, very close to the discussion they had.

  • To streamline business operations and adopt efficient project management practices.
  • Achieve financial stability with a consistent cash flow and smart investments.
  • Maintain mental and emotional well-being while pursuing passion projects.

Gail then asked ‘Magenta’ how she was solving these problems right now, both free and paid solutions and one of the solutions was to hire a coach/mentor.

This was great news!

Gail was now thinking of creating a structured 3 month coaching programme delivered via weekly calls covering the most pressing issues the conversations had surfaced.  Using her consulting and management experience of the last ten years, Gail roughed out a course curriculum discussing what Gail felt were the most pressing aspects of each challenge and including three suggestions for how to improve things.

She then ran it past the Magenta persona in the ABE Mentor App to get its reaction.  After a second's thought, she also ran it past Nicola in the Facebook Group.

Tune in tomorrow to see what they thought of her idea!


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