Pushing Through

You may have seen yesterday’s post about how my easy day turned into an emergency quest to learn how to hook up some tech, so that I could get online into a Facebook Group by 5:20 pm, via Zoom.  Something I’d never done before.

I pushed through the pain, although at one point I was seriously thinking of giving up and messaging Cassie, having to admit defeat.  Every time I tried to hook up Facebook and Zoom I got an error message, although I was subsequently able to go live.

After about three attempts, I realised that it was just Facebook’s confirmation page that was showing an error, not that the actual tech wasn’t working.


As soon as my twenty minute slot had galloped past, than the comments started appearing, thanking me for the info I’d shared.

Then, overnight, as the participants in Cassie’s Fully Booked Festival started watching the replays, the optins started appearing in my inbox.

This has given me a warm glow, as they continued to trickle in all day.

I was busy researching ALT coins, as I’ve had a bit of a ‘road to Damascus’ moment around Bitcoin and ALT coins, thanks to my friend Andy giving me a bit of a head wobble.

Then I was editing the video slightly, just to get rid of the boring beginning bit that goes…

‘Are we live? Can you see me? How’s the Audio?’

Only to find that I’ve got a solid bit of content there, a good introduction to who I am and what I do, who I help and all that good stuff.

So it was a good exercise all round.

If you have got anything you would like me to speak for, or a podcast you could like me to guest on, don’t hesitate to reach out, I really enjoyed it and want to do more of it.

You can watch it above or here on YouTube.


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