Painkiller v Vitamin

When creating marketing content, you want to be thinking about being a painkiller not a vitamin. 

When marketing initially online, aim at people who are feeling the pain, then nurture them so that they know you can stop the pain, then pop up again when they are feeling enough pain to be ready to take action!  Ideally not caring too much about what the painkiller will cost.

I realise that this sounds a little callous, but it’s true.  

Most people will do anything to avoid making changes and most are not interested in preventative measures, but pain is a pretty powerful driver, even if it’s not physical pain but emotional pain.

Thorndike’s Law Of Effect explains this in more detail and his son Christopher later showed in ‘The Athelete’s Way’ how the neuroscience works, when experiencing both pleasure and pain, and what that teaches us about how humans work.

Years of experience in marketing and further experiments in human psychology show that larger percentages of people are more likely to move away from pain, than towards pleasure.  

When people reach the point of the pain being bad enough to take action on, they choose different behaviours voluntarily to achieve a different outcome. This is called ‘Operant Conditioning’ and this is what people are striving for when they suddenly change their habits to lose weight, get fit, save more money or stop watching TV to spend time in the evenings starting a business to get them out of corporate life.

So your goal when you are marketing your product or service is to find the biggest numbers of people feeling the pain your business solves, and to use marketing content that promises quick relief from the pain they are feeling.

You need, in other words, to offer a painkiller.

However, when creating your products or services in the first place, you want to be thinking about being a vitamin disguised as a painkiller, but always including an element of painkiller at the beginning.

For example, my ‘Magnetic Content’ Challenge shows people very quickly - in just 5 days in fact - how to overcome the pain of being invisible online (so not making sales), and then to sustain those activities, even to enjoy them in order that you don’t relapse into obscurity!

Just like going to a sports therapist to sort out a strained muscle or backache, but then staying on for a fitness regime to strengthen your body so that this is much less likely to happen again.

While my ‘Better Entrepreneur’ programme offers more pain relief by way of working with someone who knows just what you need to be doing, combined with several vitamins, to ensure the ongoing health of your business, due to strategic, fun, sustainable marketing strategies that don’t involve you doing all the work.

What can you offer as a fast, affordable painkiller in your business?

Then what can you offer your customer or client next, in the way of vitamins, to ensure the long term health and that the problem never rears it’s ugly head again?

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