March 20

Overcoming Resistance


I’ve been set a task by one of my business coaches, that I simply do not want to do.

Been powering through all the other tasks, not a problem! Each one, I’m on it, done it, aced it.

It’s research.  I hate research.  My sister Sarah loves it. Spends hours, if not days doing it. Not me though.

This task is painfully detailed, in fact it’s overwhelming in the detail, I’m not sure I can make myself do it.  

Dull, dull, dull.

I’m a 2 on the KOLBE_A index for Research.  This is very low.  Can you tell?

Can I outsource it?  


As if by magic, one of my previous much-loved VA’s has just got in touch to let me know she’s available for work, so perhaps I could.

Is it important to learn to break through resistance though?

Am I just being irresponsible?

This does feel remarkably like avoiding doing my homework.

SHOULD I just grit my teeth and do it?

Homework was never as bad as you imagined it would be, once you just picked up a pen and opened the book.

Should I even be using the word SHOULD in the context of entrepreneurship?

(Definitely not, is the answer)

My coach has made an introductory video to motivate us all, because he knows that people are not going to want to do it.

I’ve even been resisting watching that video.

A coach I knew once, called Mark Forster, taught a technique called ‘I’ll just get the file out’

If there is something you are resisting doing, think about the tiniest step you could take towards even thinking of starting to do that thing.

In this case it would be ‘just watching that video’.

Perhaps I’ll do that first.

Photo by Richard on Unsplash


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