Out Of The Flow

Do you struggle to concentrate or get in the flow if you have a Zoom appointment or real-life meeting coming up?  What about getting into the zone if you know you have to go to the shop or take the bins out?

My beloved grown-up son Nelson returned from New Zealand on Monday afternoon and after a day or two recuperating from the jetlag at his father's, he’s pitching up at mine today to stay for a week or so.

But he’s taken a detour to Brighton Eye Hospital to get a sore eye looked at. 

I cannot concentrate at all. 

It was bad enough not knowing exactly what time he was turning up, but now I’m worried about his eye too!

I’ve tried valiantly to concentrate and be productive but it’s just not happening.  

I’ve done a few little jobs and interacted a bit on Social Media (this WAS in my diary) but I just can’t focus on the main job I’m supposed to be doing. 

I’m hoping that writing this frustration out will get it out of my head and free me up to go back to the bigger task.

Realising this situation is a rarity helps, as sons don’t return from foreign climes every day (and wounded to boot),

Having said that, I do always have to manage my diary very mindfully.   Diary zoning definitely helps as does being aware of your own body clock.  

Meetings and appointments have to be in the mornings, especially if they are taking me out of the house while deep work needs to be scheduled on days when I’m either going nowhere or talking to no-one.

Knowing how you work best, and structuring your working day accordingly means that you get to be productive and stress free, while getting enough done to make your day feel like a success.

So that when your ‘gorgeous boy’ arrives home after two years, you are able to be fully present and welcoming, closing that laptop DOWN for the rest of the day!

If you are feeling stressed about how much you are achieving, why not book in for a ‘Power Hour’, tell me about your working week and let’s see how, together, we can transform your working habits to help you become a ‘highly effective’ entrepreneurial person. 

Not today though!

I'll be mainly listening to tales of manly derring-do, of mountains climbed, rivers absailed over, ladies romanced, club nights dj'd at and new friends made globally.

What fun...


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