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On the request of one of my business mentors, I’ve spent the last week checking out a company we are thinking of doing business with, in between doing my personal work.  

This involved watching their corporate / training videos, recording the same, turning the audio recordings into transcriptions, and then summaries for easy reading, for the impatiently challenged (AI did the heavy lifting on the latter which was a real bonus).  

He also wanted my professional opinion as an online educator and course creator, but also as an intuitive person, as to whether this founder was genuine, this company was legit, was what they were talking about real and backed up with good enough proof, how better you could get the info across for the majority, not just macro-economic nerds like me.  Because one thing is for sure, they were not doing a good job of that.

This fourteen hours or so of video gave me an even deeper education into how our financial system works, going back to the middle of the last century, then what transpired on Jekyll Island in the early years of the 20th Century, then how things have developed globally from there.

Looking back, when I wrote The Money Gym I was very naive as to why most people were clueless about how money works, and how it can work for people better.

I thought it wasn’t taught in school because there was so much else that had to be crammed into us, to equip us for the world of work.  I thought that, if you wanted to learn how money works and how to run successful businesses, you could do that at college.  It did dawn on me towards the end of the book writing process that, up until that point, I’d never considered that the end goal of those who run things might have been to ONLY equip us for the world of work.  I’m writing this blog post on the day that one of the heads of one of the families that run things globally died, but I didn’t find that out until I finished typing.

I never imagined, until my book website was delisted from Google, my URL was banned from most social media platforms and then it seemed my name was on some list that ensured limited to no reach on an ongoing basis, that the powers that be might actively be working to ensure that anyone who tried to teach people what they need to escape the world of work was stamped on from a great height.

Think about it; how many ‘wealth coaches’ have come and gone, disappearing into the depths of Page 50+ of Google.  The Money Gym was only the first.  The most recent I can remember is Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef, who disappeared a few years ago.

The only people that I can think of that are still active and seemingly thriving are Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone in the USA, Rob Moore in the UK and Denise Duffield Thomas in Australia.  A more suspicious woman than I might think they were ‘allowed’ to continue because letting them stay, along with uber-traditionalists Dave Ramsey in the USA and Martin Lewis, the ‘Money Saving Expert’ in the UK, deflected attention from the dearth of other competition.  

A more benign explanation might be that they all managed to build their mailing lists big enough and powerful enough to give their companies velocity enough to escape the gravity of social media shadowbanning, whereas the rest of us did not.

Anyway, I was grateful for the opportunity to go further down the financial rabbit hole, shocking though the findings were on occasion.  Not shocking in comparison to some of the other things you discover, when you start looking at money, currencies and how it all really works. But still shocking to the extent that you realise nothing you took for granted, really exists, or works like you thought it did.

My ‘Old Soul’ got a good deal older this week, that’s for sure.

It’s an interesting psychological exercise, learning how to manage and then transcend the natural and deep cynicism that grows within you when you learn this stuff, yet know that you have to replenish and maintain the daily enthusiasm and positivity needed to start, grow and run a successful business.

But somehow you have to, because most of your customers are going to be Young Souls, who have no desire or interest in learning how things really work, they just want to discover how the thing can be made to work for them.

And I’ll restrict myself from sharing the usually unwelcome information, unless someone needs to know (about to make a blunder) or specifically asks (and even then I’ll have to resist sharing too much, for fear of sounding like a complete nutter).  

A delicate balancing act for sure.

If you've been wondering how money really works, a good place to start is to buy my personal and business finance books 'The Money Gym' and "The Money Gym Tips' here. Then book in for a Power Hour to find out more about how I can help you understand it all.  Never giving any advice obviously, but you understanding what's going on will help you make better business decisions.

 Photo by Joshua Ng on Unsplash


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