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So you’ve just arrived home on Friday night with your box of stuff from your desk at the consulting firm you’ve worked at for the last ten years.  While you’ll miss everyone, you won’t miss the office politics and you are glad to get out before the next wave of redundancies flows down from the C-suite. The last few years have been tough on consultancy firms, even the Big 4.

Your hard-negotiated early redundancy package payment is as safe as it can be in your savings account at your bank (although you are considering better options) and you have a decent cash runway now to get this business up and running.  The kids are off at Uni and your husband will work till he drops, bless him, as he loves what he does, so your family income seems secure and your outgoings are less than they were, but you don’t want to waste this precious pot of cash.

The first Monday, you sit down in your newly organised home office, all excited to get started planning and launching your new business.  You’ve been reading and daydreaming for months, but the demands of your previous role and the horrendous commute meant that your brain was pretty much fried by the evening and weekend.

‘What’s my first order of business?’ you wonder while sipping on the first of several coffees to be consumed that day.  ‘I think I need to decide who my customers will be. But what if I get it wrong and pick the wrong group?’

The office is extraordinarily quiet compared to the bustling environment at the consultancy firm.  The clock in the hallway ticks off the minutes as you tried to work out what to do first. 

You suddenly feel very overwhelmed and alone. 

Just at that moment, you remember that book you just read on the train, after it was recommended to you in a group you are in.  The book was called ‘A Better Entrepreneur’ and you really enjoyed it, because it was a proper story of someone just like you, who started with no business experience and just kept going, learning the things she needed, as she needed them until she became more successful.

‘I’m sure there was a section in the book about ‘finding a hungry crowd’ you think. Or perhaps it was in the other book you read by the same author, ‘Attract 3.0’? That was a marketing plan in a book and very practical.  ‘Let me dig that out too!’ you think.

As you open the first book again, you see there’s a free Facebook Group hosted by the author, Nicola Cairncross.  Then you notice underneath that link, there’s one to a free Entrepreneurs Mentoring App.  ‘I’ll sign up for both of those right now!’

Feeling a bit more confident, you sign up for the Mentoring App, and immediately get an email back with the link to use the App.  You quickly sign up for a ChatGPT account as prompted and the friendly-sounding bot welcomes you and asks your name.

‘Hello, I’m Gail’, you type.  ‘I’m just getting started with my new business and I’m trying to work out who to target first with my marketing…’

A few short questions later, you are chatting away as if you were talking to Nicola herself.  The app has been trained by Nicola using all of her books and it really sounds like her in tone; friendly, informal and direct.  After each of your questions, it suggests three things you might like to consider next and it really feels like you are talking to a real person.  

‘Astonishing!’ you think. ‘I must pop in the Facebook Group and tell Nicola how good all this is. 

Suddenly, you don’t feel so alone and overwhelmed.  

‘I think I can do this business thing after all!’

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash


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