New Stuff

This week I’ve done several new things, and most of them not without some resistance let me tell you.

I created a ‘dreamboard’ to put on my computer desktop, so I could see it every day when I boot the old girl up.  

Even writing this makes me shudder a bit, as it seems so cheesy.

I've only ever made one once before (above) and while I did get to go to Las Vegas again and drove a silver soft-top for a while, several of the people in that picture are in my life no longer.

The Google Calendar has been overhauled and time blocked off in coloured squares.  This is the most full my diary has been for a while.  I will be writing about my empty diary later this week so if you are keeping up, you’ll know about that.

Trello has been installed, and tasks brainstormed, filtered and moved to certain days next week (even though I think I’m quite efficient with my black Moleskine Notebook, most of the time)

Today saw me writing a letter to my current self, from my future self, two years hence when a certain set of goals have been achieved.  

Those or better, I’m always open to that.

New stuff has been going on.

A shakeup. A dust-off.  

Nobody can say I've not committed.

It feels a bit like New Year, which I didn’t participate in at all this year, having my head down ploughing through my StoryGrid spreadsheet.  I was so determined to get my book ‘A Better Entrepreneur’ finished. 

So now, having just passed Valentines Day and cantering briskly on to Easter, I’m able to ignore all these commercial distractions and do all the things you usually do at New Year.

Out with the old and in with the new.

I’m quite enjoying the dreamboard, by the way!


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