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What's Worked, Your 5-Point Plan & Part 4 Of Andy Shaw Interview

This week I share the origins of the ‘What’s Worked’ section of my newsletter then I share my 5-Point Online Business Plan.

Including transformative stories of everyday people turning simple ideas into profitable ventures you’ll discover how a YouTube video on ironing a shirt and a book aimed at African charity schools became unexpected goldmines.

We'll discuss the pivotal role of mindset and how resources like Andy Shaw's "Bug-Free Mind" can cultivate the belief needed to achieve your goals. Learn how to identify a hungry audience and create products or services that truly resonate, with practical advice on marketing and audience engagement. In this episode, we also explore how to maximize your content's reach by repurposing blog posts into podcasts and sharing them across multiple platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

I'll share my tips on using free and low-cost tools for seamless content distribution and automation, boosting your engagement effortlessly. Cash flow management is crucial, and I provide a handy video tutorial on how to use spreadsheets to keep your finances in check.

Then this episode rounds off with Part 4 of my interview with the aforementioned Andy Shaw and we are up to the part where, having got his own mental act together, he starts building a life and income stream that supports him in his own ‘life to love’.

Find Andy’s books on Amazon and the series of articles on ‘How To Discern Well - Part 1’ here. Also check out his excellent series of articles on ‘How To Overcome All Fears’.

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