Magnetic Content Challenge

Day 5 - Sharing Your Content On Other Social Media

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Welcome back. 

You are on the home stretch now!  Of course, there is so much more I could teach you, this did use to be a paid 30 Day Challenge after all.  

However, what I found was that many people dropped off around this point, and I'm sure you have plenty of ideas about what you could do with your new content!  So let's get today's work knocked out of the park and don't forget to check your email tomorrow for a little surprise.

Watch today’s Overview Video below first, then scroll down to see your Tasks for the day.


Nicola with Phoebe & Nelson in her beloved Greece

Please Read These Instructions Carefully

Task 1 - Upload your video and SRT file to your Facebook Page

NOTE: NOT your Facebook personal profile.  

(You can upload it to that later, but do this first)

Here's a link to a Facebook Help article about naming your SRT file correctly before trying to upload.

And here's your link to the video showing you how to upload your video, description & caption (SRT) file to your Facebook Page along with your video.

View "Upload To Facebook Page With Captions" Video


And for those who are really keen, here’s a BONUS TASK as promised.

Task 2 - How To Set Up Your Facebook Campaign & Custom Audiences.  Facebook have changed the way everything looks nowaday in Business Manager but this will give you some idea of the amazing things you can do with audiences.

That's it for today!

Ask your questions and share your videos in the Facebook Group.

There's no such thing as silly questions, ever!

Remember to post #missioncomplete under this post in the comments when you are done! 

Warm regards,