Magnetic Content Challenge

Day 4 - Starting To Share Your Content

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Welcome back.  

Watch today’s Overview Video below first, then come back to see your Tasks for the day.

As always, any questions, just look for the appropriate image/post in the Facebook group and add your questions, comments, requests for feedback or techie help underneath that image with the correct hashtag. 

I hope you enjoy Day 4 - it's intense but if you can master this, your whole content marketing system will flow so much easiers.


Nicola with Phoebe & Nelson in her beloved Greece

Please Read These Instructions Carefully

Task 1: Uploading to YouTube For SEO

There's a specific way to do this to maximise your chances of getting some traffic from both YouTube and Google Search. Before you upload your video to YouTube, it’s imperative you watch ALL videos for this day, particularly the ones about how to structure your Title & Description, and what to include in your Description and Tags to ensure you get best coverage for your video.

Here's a couple of short tuition videos to show you how to do that. 

You will want to take notes!

Video 1:

Video 2:

As soon as you have a video uploaded to YouTube - either Public or Unlisted, do get your Share Link and share your videos in the AMA Day 04 post - I would love to see them. 

If you want my feedback from me or your fellow students. Use the hashtag #feedback

Task 2: Turning Your Videos Into Captions & Transcription

You can get transcriptions, shownotes, highlights with times etc done free (up to a certain point) at

However, if you want captions and can't wait for YouTube to create them for free, you can get the video captions & transcription done for $1 a minute at

Video link: 

(ignore the reference to Day 8, this comes from an older version of the Challenge)

When you get to, order a Captions (SRT) file only, then when you go to download your file, download it twice, as both an .srt file AND then a TEXT file, that will give you something to work with on the transcription front without having to pay twice. Or use for that bit.

This transcription will be used on your video description, any descriptions on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, your Podcast episode etc.  Not to mention your upcoming Blog post.

If you want to check out how a blog  post could be laid out, check out mine here.

That it for today!

Ask your questions and share your videos in the Facebook Group.

There's no such thing as silly questions, ever!

Remember to post #missioncomplete in the comments when you are done!

Warm regards