Magnetic Content Challenge

Day 3 - Creating Your Content

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Watch the video attached to this post FIRST (you'll find it below) then come back and tackle the Tasks below, one by one.

Task 1 - Download Tips Ticklist

Here's a link to download a Bonus Ticklist about things to think about when you are recording your content.  Ignore the instructions about emailing Sarah, that's out of date!

Nicola with Phoebe & Nelson in her beloved Greece

Please Read These Instructions Carefully

TASK 2: Record Your Content.

Here's my example - raw and uncut

I do recommend you watch mine because it's not only great content, about WHY you need to get into video content marketing for your business but also to see how bad I am on first take (but how I save it in the edit).

TASK 3: OPTIONAL!! Create Your Intro / Outro Ident

You don't need one to start with but if you would like one then check out Viddyoze.  It's a one-off payment and lets you create fairly sexy idents like the one at the end of my videos.  You can amend as often as necessary.

Apparently, you can also use the Splice App (download it in the App store for iphone / ipad) which enables you to add intros/outros using your own images and add royalty-free music too.TASK 4: Edit Your 1st Video 

This is the most tricky part of the whole challenge, technically speaking, but if you can master this skill (or pay someone to do it for you) it's all downhill from here!It's also the most tricky from a psychological point of view, because your ego will go "I can't do this" whereas, if you try, then you'll find you probably can.  See below for a step by step process if using Camtasia (but most editing apps are the same).

TASK 4: Edit Your Video

Overview Video:

How To Edit:

You've seen my own video, so you know how bad you can be on the first take, now you can see how good you can look after a decent edit!

After Edit :

** Resources For Editing **

Many VA's can edit videos too and you can find video editing people on easily.

Or if you are impatient like me and want to get it done can learn to edit yourself.  I recommend this as it's EASY once you learn the basics.

You can choose the free iMovie software or GarageBand on Mac, I think you can still get WindowsMovieMaker free on Windows, or upgrade to Camtasia on either system for a small investment. I use it on the Mac and I love it.

There are many helpful videos on Youtube for all the major editing software and if you get stuck, just search for a tuition video there.

Essentially the process is as follows:

* Import your new video clip(s),
* edit to suit - cut out erms, coughs, dog / cat / kid appearances etc
* Save your project* drop a thumbnail (create this free on in at the beginning - set it to show for 2/3 seconds max, this is what will show as default pic if you share on social media. 
* add an optional outro ident and then save the project and export the video as a .mp4.
* Save your project again
* Then while you are there, export as a .m3a which is your audio version ready for later.

Voila! Ready to upload to YouTube tomorrow. DO NOT upload to Facebook yet, we need it on YouTube first.

I'll show you tomorrow how to make sure you get some good views on YouTube too.

(Ignore the mention of Google Analytics in the video, if you have them, great, if not, don't worry, it's not necessary for this Challenge)


If you want to hire a paid-by-the-hour Virtual Assistant from overseas on Upwork (formerly Elance) you will need my handy Cheatsheet here

Remember, a video editing VA is unlikely to be the same person as a General VA who is more organisationally / admin based.

As ever, your further questions about this day's tasks should be asked in the Facebook Group

Remember there's no such thing as silly questions, ever!

Warm regards