Magnetic Content Challenge

Day 02 - Getting All Set Up

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Welcome back!

Watch the video attached to this post first, then any videos linked to IN the instructions under the video. Extra videos and tasks will be signposted Task 2 / Task 3 etc.

NOTE: Please restrain from helping / coaching people in this group, as they work throught their challenges.  You are welcome to give them feedback if asked for but you are here to learn not promote your business.  I know it’s hard to resist - I feel it when I'm in someone else's challenge - but I will remove anything like that and more than one strike and you’ll be out.  

** 5 Day Challenge | Day 02 | Task 1 **

Watch the video below then read the instructions underneath.

Nicola with Phoebe & Nelson in her beloved Greece

Please Read These Instructions Carefully

Four extra tasks today, please reply to any questions in each one in the Facebook Group IN SEPARATE COMMENTS, don’t lump them all together.  Start with whichever one is easiest for you to do/answer.

** 5 Day Challenge | Day 02 | Task 2 **

I want you to consider where you’ll be creating your content.  Consider how distracting your background may be and choose something plain, or tidy at the very least!  

Don’t forget lighting, you’ll need natural daylight or good strong artificial light, ideally from both sides, not overhead as it’s not flattering.  You might even want to invest in an inexpensive ring light.

Post your picture in the Facebook Group.

** 5 Day Challenge | Day 02 | Task 3 **

What three things make you uniquely placed to help your ideal prospect?  This could be work experience, life experience, something you have learned, anything at all really.  I look forward to seeing yours in the comments below.

** 5 Day Challenge | Day 02 | Task 4 **

Think about your ideal prospect.  What are the 12 x biggest challenges they are facing right now (that you can help them with).

If you haven’t got an ideal prospect in mind, but want to start building an audience, think about the 12 x things you most believe in, care about or stand for.  This is your Manifesto or Personal Mission Statement.  Each point can be turned into a bit of content. 

When you have completed each days' tasks, comment accordingly in the group with your feedback and the hashtags #day2 and #MissionComplete


Ask your questions about each days' task and your specific business in the Facebook Group with the hashtag #challenge

If you have a techie question or want feedback about any days' task drop it in the group but use the hashtag #techquestion or #feedback