Magnetic Content Challenge

Day 01 - Your Ideal Client & Their Challenges

Welcome to Day 1 of the Challenge.

PLEASE NOTE: In some of the videos, you may hear me refer to Clicks & Leads or BEO or 'Be Everywhere Online' or the "30 Day Challenge" or even the "21 Day Challenge".  

Please don't worry, you are still in the right place.

I had to rebrand from Clicks & Leads to because Facebook suddenly took against Clicks and Leads and they certainly didn't like 'Be Everywhere Online' (even after several years of taking my adspend happily).

I also condensed the Challenge into 5 days to make it more dynamic and less of a commitment time-wise.

So let's crack on shall we?

Task 1 is always to watch the short video below.



Nicola with Phoebe & Nelson in her beloved Greece

Read These Instructions Carefully

** 5 Day Challenge | Task 2 **

Please download or open this PDF and work through it.  I promise you, it will only take you half an hour or so and even if you think you know your ideal customer or client inside out, you'll get so much from doing this exercise.

** 5 Day Challenge | Task 3 **

If you haven't done it yet, introduce yourself in the Facebook group and tell us a bit about your business and your marketing challenges.

Visit The Group

** 5 Day Challenge | Task 4 **

When you have completed each days' tasks, comment underneath the appropriate post in the Facebook Group with #MissionComplete.  This is what the post will look like.  Here's a link to today's post.


Ask your questions about each days' task and your specific business in the...yes you guessed it, the Facebook Group using the hashtag #challenge


If you want to share your homework and get feedback, share it in the Facebook Group with the hashtag #feedback


If you have a #techquestion use this tag



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