Magnetic Content Challenge

Day 00 - Before We Start - The 'Who' & The 'Why'

I know that some people can't make a start on something until they have an idea of what that whole thing looks like.  

If that's the case for you, I recommend you watch this first video below which gives you the background to how I developed the whole system and used it on various businesses, not just mine, but clients' businesses too. Ignore the offer at the end as that's obviously out of date now.

The second video is a short introduction to me (recorded very recently) and will give me a good idea of my style.

The third one is all about Facebook Advertising and why it's so amazing. If you already know my story, you can skip to the 19-minute mark, where I get into the meat of the presentation.   

If you prefer to read, simply scroll down and I'll lay out how I arrived at this simple, effective marketing system.

Nicola with Phoebe & Nelson in her beloved Greece

Before We Start - The 'Why' In Story Form

I’m going to share with you my step-by-step guide covering how to 10x your social media marketing plan, have greater impact, attract more prospects, while leveraging your time dramatically and increasing your profits.

What you won’t be doing is working any more hours a week. I'll teach you how to do less too.

While I built my first successful online business The Money Gym by using 100% content marketing and attraction marketing strategies, I had pretty much given up doing my own Social Media Marketing when I discovered (and became proficient in using) Facebook Ads.

Then I started Clicks & Leads, a boutique Facebook Ads agency and as it swiftly grew to over six figures (MRR), I passed all my social media activities to Inga, our social media manager at the time.I didn’t pay much attention to what she was doing, we had a loose content marketing strategy and it was enough for me that I kept seeing our branded content all over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. We weren’t really using Instagram or YouTube at that time and Periscope and Snapchat were just twinkles in their founder's eyes.

Then I lost my life partner Steve suddenly and with him, my will to cope with most clients and client meetings particularly. I just didn’t want to talk to anyone and found it very hard to care about other people’s businesses.

I let most of them go, keeping just a few who largely left me to my own devices as long as the leads kept coming in at an acceptable cost per lead.I moved to Greece to surround myself with peace and beauty, to simplify my life and try and find work that was more meaningful for me. I took a couple of courses and thought I would simply focus on creating books from the great entrepreneurs' interviews I’d done a couple of years before.

In the meantime, my social media manager Inga had resigned due to ill health and while I kept up my social media to some degree for social reasons, the intensity of content sharing diminished dramatically.

However, my journalling and general navel-gazing along with the healing properties of time passing, resulted in my returning to coaching / mentoring and the re-launch of my Clicks & Leads Community.

I had a little bit of money socked away and I used quite a bit of it setting the new business up just right, using the best people and the very best tools that worked together well; Facebook Ads driving qualified traffic to LeadPages, into a new Infusionsoft marketing funnel, Xenforo for the community area, Deadline Funnel to automatically open and close the Membership intake,

I even got my own App made, so that members would be able to get my help on the go, right from their smartphones.

The mentoring membership site soft-launched to my list over New Year 2017 to my own small but usually responsive mailing list of around 3500 active readers to …….a rather deafening silence.

This was very odd indeed.I’d been running an ASK! type survey to business owners via Facebook Ads and identified the pain points of the respondents. All of these pain points were being addressed by the Deadline Funnel follow-up emails, so should have been converting.

I was even split-testing my own copy, against some professionally written email copy, something I’d never done before. I was getting the odd one or two signups as people moved through the funnel, sure, but not as many as I was expecting.

I contacted a few of my previous “star” mentoring clients and ran the offer past them for feedback.

The reaction I got was surprising.

Although they were all on my email mailing list, which I curated and mailed regularly and some even subscribed to the “Own It!” podcast I co-hosted with Judith Morgan, they all responded saying they thought I was still semi-retired in Greece and not taking on clients right now!

Not one of them had seen my new membership site launch emails and because my previous levels of social media activity had pretty much stopped, I was now firmly out of sight, out of mind!

Social media and content marketing is notoriously difficult to track the ROI on, but here was concrete evidence that, unless you have a strong, continuous social media presence, with multiple “touchpoints” across all platforms, you are pretty much invisible online as a business.

I rolled up my sleeves and got to work, using the social media content leverage process I’d developed a few years ago, when working with Neil Asher to establish the digital marketing agency we co-founded in 2012.

This process had created traffic, authority and most importantly high value paying clients for the agency, super fast.

From just two blog posts a week, written by Neil, I had made sure that we were “everywhere online”.

Ironically, while reviewing and rationalising my YouTube channel, I discovered that one video I had made back in 2013 about this exact social media content leverage process, had attracted nearly 24,000 views with no external promotion to speak of.  

This, it appeared, was a hot topic.

So over the next five days I'm going to teach you how to create the very same system that has worked for me ever since.

Nicola has been featured in many newspapers and magazines, including Woman & Home (Jan 2007, Duncan Bannatyne’s “The Sharp Edge” (Jan 2007), The Times, The Observer, The Mail On Sunday, The Mirror, The Scotsman, RED Magazine (many times), New Woman, Woman & Home (Aug 2006), Cosmopolitan (Feb 2007 and many other editions), Elle, Marie Claire, Essentials, Top Sante, Radio 5 Live and CNN Breakfast News.

All of this PR activity came from a 5 page website, a weekly ezine and being active on social media in the right way.