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Ever wondered how you could revolutionize your business operations using a custom chat GPT app? Tune into this episode where I walk you through the fascinating world of creating your personal chatbot and how it can significantly boost your marketing, training, and customer service efforts. With the help of a fictional haggis manufacturer named Hamish, you will understand key concepts like website marketing, effective use of social media platforms, email marketing, and the pivotal role of blog posts and video content. You'll even get a sneak peek into the tech side of things to learn how to connect a custom GPT app to a website chatbot. Today, you'll unlock the limitless potential of custom chat GPT apps that can push your business to greater heights.Strategizing for business success using social media might seem daunting, but with my wealth of experience, I am here to help. In this engaging journey, I share personal experiences and proven techniques on turning your business's online presence into a trigger for success, creating meaningful customer interactions and driving growth. As we navigate this digital world together, there's a space for you to bring forward your queries. Don't hesitate to throw your questions into the mix, as I'll be providing invaluable insights based on real-world scenarios. So hit that subscribe button, turn on notifications and let's learn, grow and succeed together!


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00:00 - Nicola Cairncross (Host)
Nicola Cairncross here and I'm about to give you a quick chat GPT tutorial on how to create your own custom app within chat GPT. I'm going to show you mine first and give you an idea of the kind of thing that you could do, especially if you're an author, an expert of any kind, if you have any training materials you usually share with students anything like that. You can customize your own chat GPT app and you can do amazing things with it, which I'll tell you about as we go along. But first let me show you mine. Ok, so here we are at the Clixon Leeds Marketing Mentor app, and I think you're going to be quite impressed with what you can do with them, and they're not that hard to set up. I'm going to imagine that I'm a haggis manufacturer called Hamish and I'm going to get my marketing mentor app to mentor me on how to best market my haggis. Ok, I'm here to assist you with your digital marketing needs. May I know your name to personalize our conversation? Ok, that's cool. I'm going to call myself Hamish, it OK?

Business, main focus and your current marketing strategies. I sell whiskey, levered Haggis and I have a website. Now the main challenge I'm finding with this app is. It gets a bit exuberant and over enthusiastic, so let's see if it does that today. Now it's asking me questions. How many would ask me? So he's supposed to ask three. Oh, very good.

Ok, how do you use your website for marketing? You're missing. I hope lots of people would visit that. That's not working. I'm trying to put myself in the position of someone who's not very skilled with digital marketing. Do you have any online sales case? Yes, I can.

So online, what kind of content do you feature on your website? Product descriptions, customer testimonies, blog posts? I have pictures of the different. I guess, for those of you who are not Scottish, the Haggis is a made up animal. It's a. It's a little round thing. In children's books it's a little round thing and one of his legs is shorter than the other, so it can run round mountains easier. So chat GPT hasn't picked that up yet. I don't think I sell OK, so I'm keeping it really simple to see where it where it goes with this. I've uploaded my book. So my book had track two, which is all about digital marketing, building a presence online, social media marketing, building a brand, that sort of stuff. So it's got all the knowledge from my book and my website, so it's a good foundation with online sales capabilities and product images.

Let's delve a bit deeper. Nice, you're taking it nice and easy today. How are you currently promoting your website to attract visitors? I told the local newspaper when I launched the site. Do you use any social media platforms? I have a Facebook page. Try to search engine optimization. Not what is SEO? That's just really what it says Informing the local newspaper about your website, not just great step to go under. Attention came a shit.

However, for sustained online visibility and traffic, more continuous efforts are typically required. Have you considered using social media? Right, your, yeah. Which platforms have you used? Do you collect email addresses from your customers or website visitors for email marketing? I do have some email Addresses from customers.

I don't have a blog, but do. I don't like the sound of that, so it's telling me what SEO is. Start an email newsletter. This could include updates about new products, special offers or interesting. This is absolutely great. This is exactly what I would advise myself, because it's in the book. If you've got some customers, use them to create a database and import that database into your database. Start creating blog posts and, ideally, use video. In this market, particularly, I'd be using Instagram. It hasn't mentioned Instagram, yet.

Adding a blog can significantly. You can write about topics related to your yeah, okay, yeah, I think that's a good point, going back to existing customers and offering them new products and ranges, also encouraging keeping your customers engaged and encouraging repeat business, especially at this time of year. Okay, so it's giving me All right. Here we go. Oh, look at this Now before I make my first suggestion. Is there anything else I need to know about your business and marketing? Until you get effectively, I get easily overwhelmed. So can we take it one step at a time? I have just remembered I have an Instagram account too, so I've got to the use, my daily usage limit. I've been using this a lot today, so we can't really go much further, but you can see how useful this could be. Now. What else I want to do with it is I want to connect this custom GPT app to my chatbot on my website. That's my next step.

Now there's a lot of claims going around and a lot of tutorials going around telling you that it's really easy to do this stuff. It's not quite as easy as it's been made out to be. What you need is some technical work doing, called a webhook. So the only way that chat GPT they can take someone's email address if they are willing to give it. So, for example, if at the end of this session, when I said, oh, that's it, I'm done, thank you, whatever. It would have offered three opportunities for the user to come and visit my website or book into my diary and it would have given them links to do that. But really, what I want it to do is to take someone's name and email address so that I can get them to agree to subscribe to my newsletter directly from using this chatbot, and to do that there's some sort of website webhook set up that needs doing. I'll have practiced it by next week, don't you worry.

I hope you can see from this brief demo what an amazing opportunity is to create your own custom chat GPT tool. Even bigger is that their custom GPT store, which is gonna be a bit like the Apple App Store, is going live next month. So it's really quite important if you're an expert or an author or you've got a trainer and you've got a real specialty, to get yourself onto chat GPT plus and then when you come down here to your own account, I'll show you how it looks. It opens up this little screen when you click on your account and then you can go my GPTs and it'll take you to a place where you can create your own GPT and edit them once you've made them, and keep refining them and honing them, which is rather marvelous. So I'll cover how to set up the custom GPT in my next video, but in the meantime, I hope the little demo of using mine, of course, come to my website and use that yourself for your own marketing, if you want. If you go to nicolacarenextcom, you will see. Let's show you.

This is how I've set it up in the meantime, until I can get the old chatbot working with it. So I've got free help and I've got an opt-in page here which tells you a little bit about the mentor app. It tells you a few tips for use, for example, if it gets too exuberant to tell it you know you're easily overwhelmed calm down, one suggestion at a time, that kind of thing and then it gives you a button to opt in. When you've opted in, it takes you straight through to the custom GPT where you can start your mentoring session. So I've got a workaround at the moment, but I need to figure out these web hooks so that I can use it in various other places and get people straight from the custom GPT marketing mentor through to my active campaign and start some sort of follow-up sequence only with people's permission, of course. I hope this has helped.

If you liked it and got, you can see the potential for your business. Click like and subscribe and set the notifications so you get all my notifications. They're always useful videos like this. I'm not the kind of person who just talks about things you could do. I'm actually testing these things out in my business on a day-to-day basis, as you can see. If you've got any questions at all about how you could make this work for your business you're not quite sure just put them in the comments below. I see all the comments and I will answer every single one. See you later.

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