How To Market Your Podcast With AI / ChatGPT

As the technological world continues to grow, we can observe its profound influence on various facets of our lives, including the realm of podcasting. One groundbreaking technological innovation making waves in this area is Artificial Intelligence (AI). This enlightening episode of Nicola’s Clicks & Leads podcast (available on YouTube, Substack and all good podcast platforms) guides us through the innovative applications of AI tools such as Chat GPT, Podsqueeze and, showcasing their enormous potential in improving podcast marketing strategies.

The host shares the motivational story of Dan Norris, the author of “7 Day Startup” and a multi-successful entrepreneur. Norris imparts his experiences using these state-of-the-art AI tools, providing practical wisdom on harnessing technology to elevate your podcast’s prominence.

Free tools like Podsqueeze and, can transcribe podcast episodes, while Chat GPT fine-tunes the text, turning the content into Twitter Threads, and social media posts tailored for each environment and offering several other methods of promoting your episode, substantially boosting the podcast’s visibility.

However, the episode also flags the potential hazard of over-dependence on AI tools.

While these tools offer substantial benefits, the podcast emphasizes the significance of achieving a balance between utilizing technology and preserving the capability to think and write independently.

The podcast explores the intricate skill of maintaining a balance between technology and authentic human thought. As we progress deeper into the digital era, it’s crucial not to underestimate the value of independent thinking and writing, even when utilizing AI tools.

The podcast offers valuable insights on readiness in case these tools vanish one day and how to efficiently utilize resources.

Clicks & Leads Podcast listeners can tap into a plethora of resources, it’s a platform dedicated to aiding businesses in succeeding in the digital world.

Whether you’re a podcast host, a marketer, or a keen listener, this episode pledges to arm you with the knowledge and tactics needed to navigate the evolving world of podcasting in the digital age.


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