Going Live At Five

I woke up this morning knowing I was speaking at 5.20pm for Cassie Hicks’ ‘Fully Booked Fempreneur’ festival.

I was looking forward to it, feeling calm but with that hint of excitement that you get when you do anything live, be it speaking in person or on a virtual event.  However, I know my topic inside out and it was a quickie, 20 minutes in total, including questions.

I thought I would just rock up and do ‘my thang’, hopefully inspire some attendees and attract some new subscribers.  I’ve already set up the automation in my CRM to collect details, tag accordingly and deliver the goodies automatically.

So I moseyed on over the to Facebook Group to get any last minute instructions, feeling confident in Cassie, she’s so organised it’s frightening.

Only to realise that, not only was I not just turning up to a Zoom call, all hosted at her end with nothing for me to do, but that I was turning up on a Facebook Live, all set up and managed by me!

I don’t think I’ve gone live in Facebook, beyond a quick test, ever!


Cue some frantic Googling and after my first test which I realised would not blur my background or let me share my screen, I started sparking up my Zoom and trying to configure that.

For a heartstopping 15 minutes I couldn't get it to work at all and I was faced with only going with the simpler option, which meant everyone seeing my kitchen behind me.  Not very glamourous.

I kept getting an error message that said the livestream URL was wrong, even though I was copying and pasting it from Facebook.  Then I realised that I was live in my group anyway so that must be an error on an error message!

Bear in mind that, if it all goes tits up, it will be eating into my 20 minutes and you can perhaps feel my concern.

I think I’m there now but I’m cross with myself that I missed that crucial detail.  

Now I'm comfort eating of a bacon sarnie in sun-dried tomato sourdough for lunch.

Note to self:  Read instructions more thoroughly next time.

Story of my life! 

p.s. Not too late to book! It's free too.  Just click here.

Photo by Alex Fung on Unsplash


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