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Welcome everyone. It's Nicola Cairncross here, and today I'm going to show you how to use ChatGPT to overcome one of the biggest hurdles that my clients face when they're starting out in their five day be everywhere online challenge. The biggest challenge they have is to think about is to think about who their ideal customers or clients are and then to get under the skin of those ideal customers or clients and know what kind of content will most solve their problems. People just say glibly, start online, just start creating content. But it's no good doing that if you don't know what the kind of content your ideal future customers or clients will respond to. So I'm going to teach you something that was taught to me just recently by the fabulous Ed Dale, and he's written a report about artificial intelligence and chat gpt. It's called the Little Blue Report. Go and find him over on Substack. He's brilliant. Okay, so what I do is I use a super prompt and let's go over to the marketing gpt which I created, which you can get to from NicolaKennexcom, and this is my super prompt for getting under the skin of my customers.

So my business serves, who typically add some characteristics. What are the main problems, challenges or issues that keep them up at night? Can you role play that you are authors, experts and entrepreneurs who are just starting out in business or online? Let's call Heidi. She typically has just come out of corporate life. She's around, let's say, 45 years old and wants to make the most of this opportunity. Can you role play that you are Heidi? What are the main problems, challenges or issues that keep you up at night? Can you group your replies into practical, financial, emotional, spiritual, psychological problems and only show me the top five problems for each heading? I find that this makes it less overwhelming if you get it to group. There we go. Okay. So let's see what he chat gpt makes out of being Heidi for the afternoon. No, you are Heidi. Here we go. I'll take on the role of PID. It's important because you want to be able to ask deeper questions Time management, family responsibilities, knowledge gap, resource allocation Okay, so good. It's grouping so. Practical problems, financial problems, emotional problems, spiritual problems Okay. Any purpose Legacy concerns Okay. Psychological problems, stress management, adaptability, confidence building, decision-making, anxiety, risk tolerance. And then it's about making the wrong decisions. Well, this is good for me, because I've already got a video about making good decisions. How would you typically tackle solving that problem Making the wrong decisions.

In my new business venture, I would approach the problem solving process in the following ways. So thinking, knowledge and education A bit generic at the moment. So, networking events for mentors, online communities, hiring a business coach let's dig into number two a bit. So now it's going past the five point rule, which means it's digging deeper into the topic. Okay, digging deeper into number two, how would you find a business coach and where would you look for one? Well, I would find a business coach to guide me through the complexities of starting my new venture. I would take a systematic approach to find the right fit is how I would go about it. Define my needs and goals. I would clearly outline what I wanted to achieve with a coach.

Online research that's good news. General searches on search engines. Linkedin interesting All visiting websites dedicated as coaching services. I would pay special attention to coaches who specialize in helping entrepreneurs transitioning from corporate careers to starting their own business. I would also look into social media and online forums. I would also look into Facebook groups Okay, let's dig down a bit deeper into that.

Coaching directories and professional associations. Events and workshops, initial consultations Very organized this person I'd extremely organized check reviews and testimonials. Okay, so you mentioned Facebook groups. You have some suggestions as to the kind of groups look for. Now, the reason this is so great for people who are not so good at research like me is because it enables me to keep a record of everything that it's said, and I would recommend you copy and paste regularly the answers and then it enables you to dig a bit deeper into the ones that you're interested in at the moment. You can go deeper into one thing and then you've got a list of. In fact, let's do that right now. Let's just copy and paste all the answers here, because you can have several ideal customer personas ID X, corporate. Yeah, see, there we go. Sometimes chat GPT resets itself in previous conversation and then you can have a look at the questions that are mentioned. Might look for a business coach in Facebook groups. Any suggestions? That's to the biggest, most active Facebook group for aspiring entrepreneurs. Oh, you blog on me Often. Seeing where chat GPT gets its information from is a good idea too, so do make notes as you're watching it work. Interesting Big finals group. Grow your audience.

Now, all of these groups would have been founded by a company or a person, most often a person. So you've got to be very sensitive to the, got to be very sensitive to that person's ego and also the goals of their group. You mustn't just barrel in there and start coaching people. It would be really very bad. Six figure coaches oh that's interesting. Tribe of Unstoppable, see, that sounds good, doesn't it? I don't know if our transitioning consultant would do that. Boss, mums, profitable entrepreneur there you go. There's plenty to be looking at here, isn't there? So the freelance movement? Now, that would be great. Oh, that's exclusively for Filipinos starting freelance work from home. But, as I say, you've got to be sensitive and just don't barrel in. Just go in there and start watching some conversations, chipping in occasiony little tiny comments. Just work your way up to offering help, but without treading on the toes of the group. So leave the business coaching to the group owner and just literally chip in on conversations where it's your specialty, and that way you can attract people over to have a chat, perhaps.

So I heard this has given you some idea of how you go about seeing what keeps them up at night and then digging deeper. Now you could definitely create a Twitter thread with this information in. So can you create a Twitter thread for me, starting with a tweet about who you, about being a. I've only mentioned books because I work really well with people who've written books, because I am someone who's written 11 books in my time, so I find it very easy to help people write more books, get the best out of their book, use their book for marketing, get their book onto Amazon and market their book properly. So it's writing it as if it's Heidi still.

So you'd have to change it around from saying me to you. It's always down to your prompts. If the chat GPT doesn't do what you wanted to, it's always down to your prompts. The thing I like about it is it puts all the little emojis in as well, which I would never do. You'd have to split that one up into two different tweets. You can start up there to lead and $100 start up by Chris Guillabau.

Very good suggestions. I might change the Brené Brown one, mainly because I haven't read it and it's not about being a leader, is it? You're leading yourself when you're going out as a consultant, so I might swap something in there about. So I'd put profit first in there, because I think it's really important to get a handle on your money from day one, and I actually I've got a video on my channel that teaches people how to run their cash flow weekly and it shows you exactly how to do that from start to finish, and it really does give you incredible peace of mind when you start on Monday with and I'll tell you something, it's also quite motivational when you start on Monday by updating your cash flow. Anyway, I hope this has helped you realize how you can use chat GPT to get under the skin of your customer and really get to know their problems, their pains, what keeps them up at night, and then turn each of those problems and pains into social media content, whether that's by creating Twitter threads.

You can also now get chat GPT to turn this into a blog post. Let's just do that. It tends to default to the generic, so you have to. If you want it to be a bit more personal, then you need to sort of tell it Okay, that's good.

And then can you now write a video script? Not that I haven't used a script, I would use bullet points. Your first 15 seconds are critical. If you haven't watched my video yet on the seven things I've learned from a year in YouTube, then do go and find that It'll be in one of the recent videos, because I've learned a lot. We've now got quite a bit of content based on a starter introduction to the challenges of our potential future Idle client. Well, I hope you enjoyed that, and it was as enlightening for you as it was for me the first time I saw it. So now you know what to do. Off you go and create yourself as many bits of content for the next month to three months and come back and tell me in the comments below how you got on. Did it make any difference? Did you attract any clients? Did it increase the traffic to your website? Indeed,

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Ever wondered how to truly get under the skin of your customers and deliver personalized content that hits home? Join me, Nicola Cairncross, as I lead a deep-dive session into the power of chat GPT – your secret weapon for solving customer problems and supercharging your business content. I'll reveal the super prompt that will help you gain a deeper understanding of your clients. We'll even step into the shoes of a customer named Heidi to showcase how this AI tool can take over one of the most boring jobs IMHO - market research!This episode is not just about problem identification, it's about solutions. I'll be sharing actionable insights on how I can use Chat GPT (in fact my own Custom GPT) to find out all about Heidi and tackle Heidi's concerns about transitioning from corporate life to author and consultant. I gain valuable insights about how Heidi would go about finding someone like me to help her. From finding a business coach via online research to participating in relevant Facebook groups – we've got all angles covered. Then, we'll pivot to the art of converting these crucial conversations into engaging content that will draw the attention of your potential clients. Whether it's creating a captivating blog post or scripting a compelling video, prepare to learn from my experiences and glean valuable tips. This is a transformative episode designed to redefine your content creation strategy and make it much more effortless and enjoyable.
This episode is inspired by Ed Dale and his new AI 30-Day Challenge launching in the New Year. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel here
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(00:00) - Using Chat GPT to Identify Problems Of Ideal Customer. 

(10:39) - Creating Personalized Content For Ideal Customer (inc. Twitter Thread & Blog / Social Media Posts


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If you struggle to think of meaningful social media content that might stand a chance of attracting your ideal clients, Nicola Cairncross of @ClicksAndLeads shares how to use her new 'Marketing Mentor' #CustomGPT App to get under the skin of your customers. 

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