Entrepreneurial Personality Types?

There are a number of other business coaches I follow, to keep an eye on latest developments in the space and whether there's anything I need to learn or brush up on.  When watching a James Sinclair video on YouTube (his business podcast is great - check it out!) I was scrolling through Nicola Bird's website.  Nicola always has beautiful websites and now she's a keen gardener, she uses flowers to illustrate her posts. 

Nicola's got very into Human Design and, as I've heard other people mention it recently, I took her quiz just to see if it would throw up anything interesting.  It did, and then something amazing happened - read on for more details.  It's actually what prompted my 'Law Of Attraction For Business' post on Monday.

My Journey Through Personality Profiling

From the usual Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to the Kolbe A Index (highlights your preferred method of taking action) and the very illuminating Wealth Dynamics test, I've dabbled in a smorgasbord of personality profiling tools on my quest for self-discovery. Each one offered its own unique insights into who I am and how I operate as an entrepreneur.  So I'm a big fan of this activity.  Most can be done online and don't require an enormous investment.

The Magic of Self-Knowledge

Now, here's the kicker—how does knowing your personality type actually benefit you in the entrepreneurial world? Let me break it down:

  • Choosing Your Path: Armed with insights from various personality profiling tools, I was able to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. This clarity helped me choose a path that aligned with my natural inclinations and passions.
  • Finding Your Tribe: Personality profiling tools also helped me connect with like-minded individuals who share my values and work ethic. Whether it's finding business partners or networking with fellow entrepreneurs, knowing my personality type has been invaluable in forming authentic connections.
  • Optimizing Your Workflow: Understanding my work preferences and communication style has allowed me to streamline my workflows and create a productive work environment. It's all about finding the right balance between creativity and structure.
  • Working With Clients: As we all tend to think that everyone thinks like us, as a counter-measure I ask my coaching & mentoring client to take, as a minimum, the Wealth Dynamics test, developed by successful entrepreneur Roger Hamilton.  It's very accurate and it shows me your fastest route to the money!

The Human Design Revelation

Just when I thought I had uncovered all there was to know about myself, via Nicola's beautiful website, I stumbled upon Human Design—a system that apparently blends ancient wisdom with modern science to uncover our unique energy dynamics. Taking the quiz, I discovered that I'm a Projector—a revelation that rather surprisingly sparked a profound shift in how I perceive myself and my entrepreneurial journey.

Embracing My Projector Essence

As a Projector, I belong to a distinct group known for guiding others towards new, better, and more efficient ways of doing things. Typical entrepreneur, that's what we do! Here's how being a Projector influences my entrepreneurial journey:

  • Harnessing My Energy: As a Projector, I have a unique ability to see energy dynamics and patterns in others. This allows me to offer invaluable insights and guidance to those around me, making me a natural leader in the entrepreneurial space.
  • Honoring My Need for Rest: One of the key aspects of being a Projector is understanding my energy flow and honoring my body's needs. While I may not have sustained outputs of manual energy like other types, I thrive when I prioritize rest and rejuvenation after periods of intense energy output.  This explains why I feel so low after attending conferences and speaking gigs!  I often have to pop up to my room to recharge my batteries.  Both of my children are the same, confident and outgoing but loving time alone.
  • Embracing Collaboration: As a Projector, I thrive in roles where I can direct work and guide others towards greater productivity and fulfillment. By forming partnerships based on complementary skill sets and personalities, I can create a stronger, more resilient business.

Embracing the Journey

Entrepreneurship is a wild ride—one that's filled with twists, turns, and unexpected detours. But armed with a little self-awareness and a whole lot of grit, we can navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with confidence and grace.  More importantly, we can avoid the pitfalls of trying to build a business that doesn't suit us, by doing the things that wear us out, while not playing to our strengths!

One of the things the report said about Projectors, was that I might want to consider easing off on the hustling, getting things done kind of energy, but to try waiting for invitations instead, then using my intuition to decide if the invitation fitted in with my direction and energy at the time.  As soon as I had finished reading that, a Facebook Messenger Voicenote invitation came in, for something rather marvellous, from someone rather marvellous.  Coincidence?

Ready to Dive In?

So, my fellow entrepreneurial adventurers, are you ready to unlock your full potential through the power of personality profiling?

I personally highly recommend the Kolbe A, Wealth Dynamics, and now Human Design, but no matter your personality profiling tool of choice, there's a bucketload of insights waiting to be discovered. So grab your favorite beverage, find one of the above tests online and buckle up, let's embark on this epic journey of self-discovery together!

When you've done your Wealth Dynamics test, do feel free to book in for one of my Triage Sessions, where we can talk about the business model that best suits your own personality type and I'll tell you stories of other clients just like you who have succeeded, just as you are going to.

Photo by Dagmara Dombrovska on Unsplash


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