Two Inspiring Entrepreneurs: Dodge Woodall Talks To James Sinclair

All About Dodge Woodall

If you are an entrepreneur, you will thoroughly enjoy this conversation between Dodge Woodall and James Sinclair.  While James is ostensibly interviewing Dodge, it's much more than that, it's a conversation between two friends and two very different entrepreneurs.  They met on Clubhouse, the online radio/chatroom app that flourished during lockdown.

James Sinclair is an ongoing favourite of mine on YouTube and has just launched a video podcast channel in addition to his 'behind the scenes' channel.

There is so much great information in this discussion between Dodge and James, and you will particularly enjoy it if you are into club promotion, sportswear design and manufacture or events management (Dodge) or hospitality, family and childrens entertainment (James).  Both have become content marketing specialists over the last few years.

I was recommended to and worked with Dodge in early 2020 just after the 'pandemic' had closed down his Bournemouth 7s music and sport festival.  I knew his Mum, Ann Marie Woodall, healer and author of 'Secrets Of The High Heeled Healer' from the early 2000's when we lived in Worthing and she in Littlehampton. Ann Marie became a member of my sister Sarah's WIN Sussex ladies networking dinner club.  A straight talking and larger than life character Ann Marie was a gifted healer who, as a raging entrepreneur and property investor herself, helped many woman with their relationship and abundance issues. I had been to a couple of her workshops and they were amazing. I had so many breakthroughs. Dodge interviewed Ann Marie for his Eventful Entrepreneur podcast and you can listen to that lively, funny, love-filled episode here.  

Below is a short video telling the story of how Dodge and I worked together and check out his amazing interview channel on YouTube here. It's very blokey, of course, but he does interview fiesty women occasionally.  

Working With Dodge Woodall

What Dodge Thought About Working With Me

Work With Nicola

If you would like to talk to me about your business, all you need to do is book into my online diary.  If you are not quite ready for that, I suggest you read one of my books, perhaps start with 'A Better Entrepreneur'.  


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