Daniel Priestley Is Having A Moment

You can't move online without bumping into a Daniel Priestley interview right now - he's just everywhere. 

Daniel's first book was 'Key Person Of Influence' and it seems his time has come to be just that!

Not just having a moment, Daniel is enjoying some well deserved personal fame after grafting hard for nearly 20 years in London, helping others become better known in their industries. Dan moved to London from Australia '...with nothing but a credit card and a suitcase' as he tells it.  He's got a great origin story! 

The first time I met Daniel Priestley, was over lunch just after I had spoken for his Triumphant Events company for the first time, in a swanky hotel in Kensington.  His company attracted a more thoughtful crowd than some and I enjoyed speaking for him. I had heard about Daniel from Penny & Thomas Power, founders of Ecademy, but I didn't realise until I watched the interview with Ali (below) that he had been a star of the events world in Australia, before coming here.  He tells some great yarns about that, including one about his first business mentor.

When my company The Money Gym closed, in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis in 2010, and while Daniel was fighting to keep his company alive by the sounds of it, I flip-flopped about for a while, not sure what to do next.

I was working for private clients on their digital marketing, before deciding that I wanted to start something, but not sure what.  In order to get inspired, I started a podcast called The Business Success Factory, interviewing all the most successful entrepreneurs I knew and Daniel was one of them.  I would ask people for their entrepreneurial story and their best 'Mindset, Marketing and Money Tips'. 

I was after the things they would have wanted to know when they were 18-19 and just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey.

Dan's two Money Tips were so good he got two places both in the podcast and in my book 'The Money Gym - My Best No 1 Money Tips'. 

Here's the first tip Daniel shared!

Here's the second tip Daniel shared!

So, What Kicked Off The Daniel-fest Interview Flurry?  

A month or so ago, Daniel appeared on Ali Abdaal's 'Deep Dive' podcast and I really enjoyed that interview, which was broken up into two parts.  

The first part was more psychological, about Dan's past and entrepreneurship in general, then they moved onto how he actually did it, which served up some surprises.

Then he moved onto Diary Of A CEO, with Steven Bartlett of Dragon's Den fame (see below left).  Steven usually asks some deep and emotional questions.  It's had over 1.5 million views and gained 3000+ new clients for Dan at the time of writing this. 

Then, as I was washing up after a monster roast dinner here yesterday, I was looking for something to listen to and YouTube suggested his interview with another of my favourite entrepreneurs James Sinclair.  

What made that second one so enjoyable (also see below) was that they obviously know and like each other, but they both have very different types of businesses.  James is an extrovert with many physical locations type businesses and Daniel is a confident introvert who largely works from home and has many virtual non-geographically based businesses.

And finally, if you have not had enough of the great stories and entrepreneurial wisdom of Daniel Priestley yet, here's a great interview with the team behind the 'Strike It Big' Podcast where they ask some very different questions again.

Well, being Millennials, they would, wouldn't they? 

The reason I like this show is that one of the team is the son of Mark Tilbury, the long-experienced entrepreneur who also has a huge entrepreneurial podcast himself, on YouTube and TikTok.

But 'Strike It Big' is a cut above the average show with such young hosts.

I hope you have enjoyed this roundup of the very best Daniel Priestley interviews recently, and my own contributions.  

It goes to show that, if you give enough people what they want, you most often get what you want to.  

While I don't think Daniel is seeking fame, he's probably quietly enjoying becoming a 'Key Person Of Influence' himself.


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