Creating Your Content Strategy

When working with a client on creating their Content Strategy, I like to keep it really simple in the early days.

Especially if they have not yet decided or discovered who their Ideal Future Client is.

We need to identify your Ideal Future Client or Customer and what keeps them up at night.

I will encourage you to come up with four potential Ideal Future Client groups.  Cohorts, I think the fancy name is but we’ll call them groups. That is because I want you to give a solid twelve weeks to marketing to each group in turn, before you give up and move on!

I’ll ask you to think about each of those group in turn and answer the following questions about them:

  1. Are they feeling the pain in the situation they are in right now?
  2. Are they willing and able to pay, themselves, for a great solution? Do they have to get anyone’s permission to pay for that solution?
  3. What would be the Top 12 things they need to know, to relieve the pain of the situation they are in?

One or two groups will come out top of the list, depending on the answers you give.

For example, one group might not be feeling the pain.  One might be used to getting everything on expenses and have to ask Personnel for permission.  One might be less likely to be able to afford your solution.  

Then I will ask you to choose your first group to concentrate on during the first 12 weeks and to just start creating content, around the 12-24 things you have identified as either pains felt by that person, or the solutions to the pains. 

You will create that content in whichever way feels easiest, quickest and most fun for you.  You might be a writer, a podcaster, a speaker, which means you could be a talk-to-camera kinda person.

For example, I am a speaker so I love creating YouTube content, it’s quick, fun and it certainly works for me in attracting clients immediately. However, it does not attract my No 1 Ideal Future Client.  They typically come by recommendation via someone who reads my blog and subscribes to my newsletter.

Moreover, it’s not the easiest method for me, YouTube'ing.  That is writing. I’ve realised over time and by much poring over my Analytics, that YouTube’ing doesn’t actually bring people to my website, It’s at my website where people can wander around, subscribe and visit the page where they can see how they can work with me.

Blogging does bring traffic.  For some reason, embedding the YouTube video and adding the shownotes and transcription does not.

I have set it up so it’s automatically sent  to my existing subscribers and the additional traffic on the blog will raise my authority in the search engines which will bring new traffic (or eyeballs as I prefer to call the visitors as it reminds me they are humans not cars). 

Writing is also easy for me to do, especially after I warmed up on my latest book ‘A Better Entrepreneur’. It doesn’t require special lighting or my hair to be presentable (my fringe used to drive me mad on camera) and choosing a picture for a post is easier than creating a thumbnail, the output of which I generally hated.

I had to ‘get over myself’ a LOT for YouTube.

So I’m parking the YouTube’ing for now, until I can get an interview podcast going and/or find an editor to take my rather rudimentary ‘speak to camera’ videos and tart them up with inserts and edits. 

Anyway, I digress! Sorry! 

Back to YOUR Content Strategy!

As you probably don’t yet know which your preferred (and most effective) method of creating content is yet, I’ll encourage you to pick one and stick to it for twelve weeks, focusing your mind on one potential client group.

Then we can assess results and regroup if necessary.

Let’s get you started.

Why don’t you go over to my Business Mentor App and tell it about your first Ideal Future Client group (just the one for now) and ask the App to take on the persona of that Ideal Future Client - you can even give it a name so you can differentiate between the four personas you may create eventually.  

Then ask the App / Client Persona to tell you about the Top 10-20 things keeping that Persona up at night.

There’s your potential content list of twelve topics, right there!

If you can push it to 24 topics, you will find it easier to get two content pieces out each week, which will double the data we have to work with AND speed up your results.

You can come and report back to me how you are getting on, in the Private Facebook Group I've set up for newsletter subscribers.

Willing to give it a go?

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash


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