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Create A Custom GPT App For Your Business


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Author? Expert? You can now create your Custom GPT App! In this video I show you - step by step - how to build your own customized GPT. This tool can be a game changer, particularly for authors, coaches, trainers and experts of all kinds, to distil their expertise and provide insight into their work to their potential future customers or clients. You can either host it on OpenAI, link it to your chatbot, or integrate it on your website. Drawing from my own journey of authoring books on entrepreneurship, I am going to demonstrate how to set this up and ensure it's aligned with your brand.Navigating through the chatGPT Plus account may seem daunting in the initial stages, but with my guidance, you'll find it a breeze. Watch as I explore and create my new app, and introduce a super prompt I've devised to make the GPT more efficient. Slowing down the GPT's responses and prompting it to ask clarifying questions can significantly enhance its interactions and efficiency. In a bid to support aspiring entrepreneurs, I disclose my exciting future plans of creating a GPT that acts as a mentor and coach. Leverage this tech for your business and watch the magic unfold!Try my 'A Better Entrepreneur' Custom GPT App at:


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Ever wanted your own business app? In this short video @NicolaCairnX shares how to create one that speaks to your potential future customers as if it were you!  #chatgpt #customgpt #digitalmarketing

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00:00 - Nicola Cairncross (Host)
I'm back to show you how to create your own custom GPT and that think fit is like an app and you can either use it on your website or you can link it to your chat bot on your website, or you can send people directly to it, hosted on OpenAI. Why would you want such a thing? Well, if you watched the video yesterday, then you'll find out exactly why. So go and watch that if you haven't yet. But essentially, it's a way of distilling your knowledge and experience and making for a better user experience for people interacting with your website and how to get a sort of taste of how it would be to work with you. So it's absolutely fantastic for authors, trainers, coaches, people like that. But you have to set it up right. I'm going to show you how to do that, so I'm going to use one of my books. In fact, I'm going to use two of my books. I've got one that's three quarters finished and one that was finished, and it's all about entrepreneurship. So I'm going to call my new app a better entrepreneur and I want to get it into the app store before the app store goes live. So that'll be really exciting to be there when that happens with one or two apps.

Enough of the waffle, let's get on with it, shall we? Okay? So when you first arrive in your chat GPT plus account, which is what you'll need it's about $20 a month to have one, and I think it's well worth it, because not only do you get enhanced chat GPT for functionality for yourself, but you actually get it attached to the internet and all sorts of things so it can be updated regularly. But you get to create your own app. So you'll probably arrive in this screen, which is the chat GPT's full screen, and if you go to the left hand side, you can see the explore button. So I would click on that, and that's when you get to the place where you could see your recently used apps and also your any apps you've already created, and this is where you create a new app. So let's do that today.

Okay, now I have created a super prompt which I'm going to show you now. It's the result of much experimentation and learning and watching videos of other people doing it. So what we've got is we've got the chat, the GPT, embodying Nicola Cairncross' digital marketing expertise and aligned with the contents of the PDF books. Let's say let's change that to experience as an entrepreneur and my expertise of coaching thousands of small business owners, and aligned with the content of the PDF books at 28 years of experience as an entrepreneur More than that, actually. But there you go. So it's telling, it's telling the GPT that we're going to be referring to these books and we're going to upload those in a moment.

So here's the instructions that I've. Really, if you want to take a screenshot of those, then that would be a good thing. Basically, these are the ones that I've created over the last few weeks because I wanted to slow down the GPT. It's got a little bit of a tendency to get over excited and over exuberant, as I call it, and I wanted it to slow down and ask for the user's name. I always ask one question first, ask up to 10 clarifying questions, but don't make suggestions until they've done and also ask the user if there's one thing, one thing I need to know about you that would help me help to help you more effectively. Okay, so we're going to copy and paste this instruction. You don't have to have all this at the beginning. You can actually develop it as you go along, but I thought I might as well share it with you so you can see, and at the end it's giving. It's concluding with three suggestions, which is come over to Nicola's website.

I'm going to make a GPT who helps aspiring entrepreneurs and acts as a mentor and coach, who those entrepreneur and small business owners are not going to upload the other information just yet. No, I am not the reason I'm doing this from branding my book, my next book, and so everything I do is around that at the moment, going to update over here, generate a profile picture, which I'm guaranteed to dislike, but I can always change it later. Hmm, it's not too hideous. E-n-nine one, two, three. This is where it's using dull E, which is it's sort of image creation software. Oh, that's not too bad. Teal as well, yes, I like it, but now anyway, I didn't like the cream background. I was gonna get it to change the cream background. It's already done that. So what specific topic should be? Especially knowledge, or about blah, blah, blah? Okay, so I'm going to use my instructions there and I'm also going to attach my two books back to books.

Over to a better entrepreneur. There's the PDF of the largely nearly finished version. Okay so, mindset, marketing and money, better entrepreneur and my marketing book, and I would think that would help. I can always upload the money books. I think they're really important. Always begins interactions. Here we go, all of that.

Let's see what it makes of this, shall we? Now it's updating the GPT. That's gonna take quite a while, so I'll cut out the boring waiting bits because it's got to absorb all the contents of the books. But there you go. It hasn't taken long, has it? It's ready for a test run. Feel free to try it out in the playground, which is a separate chat dialogue to the right.

If there's any refinements you'd like to make, just let me know what. Would you like me to do it? Okay, so this is the actual thing at the moment. So what I want to do is I want to try and I want to get rid of some of these questions, because if the user clicks any of these questions, it sends the GPT off on a different tangent than what I've outlined here. So I'm gonna swap over to the configure tab and I'm gonna go down here, create it by clicking plus mentor, coach and put cost oh, offer, okay, I'm going down here. It's just where the boxes are. So I'm just gonna get rid of these ones.

Start the conversation. Let's see Hello, I've found that that gives you a better chance of the GPT following your instructions than not. Okay, and just while we're here, by the way, you can enable web browsing, enable image making and enable I just leave all those ticked as they are Default and then down here. So it's getting permission to use the conversation data in the GPT to improve their model. So, overall, I don't see a problem with that. Okay, back to create and let's go for it. So this is now going to be acting as a veteran GPT and we'll see how it does.

Start by asking my name yes, we're going to be Hamish again. Oh, and Cashflow, and then how to track my cashflow. Now, my main thing is that I want them to track cashflow weekly on a spreadsheet. So it's already suggesting something that I wouldn't have suggested. Yes, I've been told. Okay, simple, what do you think about that? I'm going to say Nicola told me so that it will go, hopefully, into its knowledge base. Okay, so it's going down. It's going into detail about how it could do it, how the user could do it. Would you like a basic structure for setting up your cash flow spreadsheet? Alright, I got it. Basic structure would be good, excellent. I thoroughly approve. No, that's good. Now what it should do is give me my three options Now.

Sometimes I found it doesn't actually do what you tell it to until after you've saved it. So I'm going to try that in a minute. It says it's updating the GPT now, so I'm going to show you how to do that and then I'm going to go off and use it as another user would. Okay, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go up here to save and I'm going to click you can save as only you, you can save as only people with a link or you can save as public, and then I'm going to confirm it and that should save all the new instructions. And I'm going to go off in a different tab and use it as if I was a user, a public user, and there you go, it's created it and I can actually click on it there and it's still got the questions that I didn't want it to have. So we'll go back to it now, go down to there, go to my GPTs and it'll be listed here and I can go across to edit and go to configure again and I'm going to go up to update and public and confirm. Now, where am I going to get the link from you? Gpt, there we go. Well, you can click that, copy the link. Oh yeah, of course I'm signed into my account and you'd have to have an account to be able to use it. That's the thing you need to tell people. So, yes, and I'm just getting started. Now, remember, it's only switch to three suggestions before asking more questions. There we go. Nice, thanks for watching.

Living abroad, brandomaki Haggis. I have an Instagram account and take photos of local scenery. Yes, I have a basic website. See, I like the way that it kept this questions really simple here, because I said I was just getting started. So it's doing. It's following its instructions to not overwhelm the new user.

So let's see what it says now. Scottish cultural traditions deeper connection, featuring your Haggis in these settings. I assure your website is user friendly. Optimised, free commerce, uniqueness of your Haggis content. Marketing strategy to improve your website search engine ranking, blog posts about Scottish cuisine, the history of Haggis, how it's made, etc. Etc.

I want to get it to suggest a YouTube channel as well at some point. Right, would you like any more suggestions on these points or are there other areas you're curious, remember, you can always visit Nicola's website and download her book. Very good, nice. Okay, I make the Haggis myself and have been thinking of filming myself. Looking at what do you think? Video tips Excellent, tell a story, quality production, call to action. And now it's suggesting that they visit my YouTube channel for more business insights. So I'm talking about this. No, I'm very thrilled with this. That's great, that's working, just great. So, anyway, I think just by seeing this, you're going to get a real good idea of what a custom GP to do for your business.

I'm still working on working out how to set it up with a chatbot on my website, and you might be asking yourself why? Why would you want to do this? Why would you want to share your knowledge and experience? And the thing is that, no matter how much information you give people, they want personal support. That's what I found. You can train people, you can put up endless videos, you can do all sorts of things, but people have always got this feeling that they're different, they're special, they've got special, unique circumstances, or that their business is different and it's got unique circumstances. So they'll always want the people who could afford it. That will always want personal handholding.

Now, whether you do that in a group or whether you do that on a one-to-one basis, it doesn't really matter. However you prefer to work, I love to work one-to-one. I've got two one-to-one clients at the moment and I'm working with them on their branding, their personal branding online, their books, their websites, their social media plan of action. So I work right across the board with people one-to-one. I've also got the Clixoom Leeds Academy where people can come and join up, where they can enjoy a community environment inside Very familiar looking to you if you use any of the social media platforms and you can also get the benefit of talking to the other members, as well as the training videos and then the once a week Q&A session live on Zoom, so people can get personal advice there as well. So you decide how you want to deliver your expertise and then use the custom GPT not only to get you some traffic and attention on the app store when it launches, but also to attract people to your website, your YouTube channel and your social media accounts wherever you want to send people. As you can see, you can actually train the bot to do that. And the final thing is I've already bought the Better Entrepreneur URL for my book and I'm going to be pointing it at my main book site when I've got one up and running, but in the meantime, I can point the URL to my chat GPT URL that it's given me so I can actually direct people to it.

Easy, easy enough, okay. So you might be wondering why you would give all your best stuff away, especially if you've got it in a book. Well, the point is that people can't absorb too much information at once, and by being there to answer their questions when they have their questions, when they've got the specific questions, you're building trust with them. You're establishing that you know what you're talking about and that you can answer their questions. And you know that. And especially if you make it very plain that your custom GPT has been programmed using your book, your training materials, your PDFs, whatever it is you use with your customers. On clients, you can never give people too much information. They will always want to work with the person one to one, if they're the right kind of clients for that. So, if I can help you at all, don't hesitate to ask your questions below. Don't forget to like and subscribe, if you haven't already, and I'll see you on the next video.

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