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When I was about six, and my sister Heather around four, our Mother disappeared.  Nobody told us where she’d gone.

In the sixties, children were supposed to be ‘seen and not heard’ and nobody ever thought to consult them about what was happening in their lives. You were, at best, accessories to the adults' lives.  At worst, inconveniences.  We were lucky; up until that point, we had been accessories.

Our missing Mother stayed gone for over two years until the day she turned up again with a ‘new father’ who came fully equipped with a kitten and a jumbo bar of Cadbury’s Chocolate.  Someone had briefed him on how to win over strange children.  We were probably quite strange by then, as well as unintroduced.

Mother then proceeded to have two more babies, while moving us from Worthing to Wales, then Wales to Scotland, before bringing us back down to Worthing.  We usually found out about these impending moves the day before, when we arrived home from school to find the whole household in boxes and the car idling on the driveway.

Once back in Worthing, she moved us from house to house, every eighteen months or so, as she and my stepfather Sandy worked her way up the housing ladder from the rented property they started their new lives in, via several seventies semis, to their property peak. This was a large old Victorian villa, in Worthing Town Centre, which was rather spookily destined one day to become my boutique hotel, The Acacia.

All of this rapid change in my earlier life means that I’m very capable of coping with change. Perhaps I even attract it, as the longest I’ve ever managed to stay in a job is about eighteen months and many of those changes were self-instigated.

Becoming your own boss means that you have to become established and known for something, to give your ideal future customers a chance to find you.

Luckily, while building your reputation, becoming known for ‘your thing’, you can often channel your desire for change, for novelty, for creation, into your marketing. Or into creating new products or offers which keep your business fresh, exciting and attractive to both you and your existing (or even previous) customers.

It’s a delicate dance though, along the line between established and exciting and new.  You dont’ want to topple over into Hyper-Novelty.

Hyper-Novelty: A state of over-abundant and exponential change resulting in the desynchronization of an individuals or groups ability to change and adapt. The practice of excessive, unusual and sometimes esoteric behaviour, resulting in the rapid turnover of ideas and cultural norms. Definition by Daniel on Quora, who describes himself neatly as ‘A recovering Dyslexic learning to thrive in a World of Words”

I’ve found publishing a new book will give me the chance to step back, look at my existing business and decide whether it was all still ‘fit for purpose’ or whether it was time for a slight re-think and re-brand.

While nothing has changed about the content, the solid principles of online business that I cover with clients, the new book gives me the chance to update and incorporate everything new and potentially useful that has emerged recently and adds to the old toolkit  

It also gives clients, past present and future, a new context which hopefully stops them from ‘slipping into desynchonisation of an individual's ability to change and adapt’ their view of what you do.

Or maybe it gives you a chance to slightly adjust your market, taking along with you those clients who want to change and adapt themselves.

How are you with change?  

Do you embrace it, endure it or crave it?

Is your business due for a touch-up?  A rebrand?

Would you like someone to talk that over with?

You can book in for a Power Hour with me anytime, you know.

I look forward to it.


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