WARNING:  For some reason my App doesn't seem to be working right now.  I'm onto Support and until I hear back from them I'm sorry, but you cannot access it.  It's still worth opting in to get the prompts as you'll be able to use the usual AI front end with the prompts. 

'A Better Entrepreneur'
Business Mentor App

Welcome to my Business Mentor App. It pulls from all of my books to date and has been personally trained by me to work with aspiring entrepreneurs.

To get free business advice, anytime, simply click the button below and enter your details.  You'll get an email immediately giving you access to the App and some other gifts.  

You'll need to be using ChatGPT 4 to access the App (which requires an account costing about $20 a month) but if you can't commit to that right now, let me know what your biggest business challenge is and I'll give you some good prompts to use with the free version of ChatGPT 3.5 instead.

Once signed up for a ChatGPT 4 account, simply type 'hello' into the box on the front page of the App.

The App will ask you a few short questions to get the conversation started and you'll enjoy your very own marketing mentoring session. Your ChatGPT account will remember the conversation and list it on the left hand side so you can revisit it.

Check out the tips under the image to get the best conversational experience!  

I'd love to hear from you how it went so just email me with your feedback!



  • Introduce yourself and remember to be polite.  The better you treat it, the better it will work.
  • Use conversational style but try and avoid jargon and explain any acronyms etc.
  • If it gets too excited and starts firing too much info at you just say 'calm down, one thing at a time please' or similar!
  • Tell it when you are finished so that you can enjoy x3 last tips for how to get more help if you need it.

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