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Wow, this is my fifth blog post of the afternoon!

I’m experimenting with bulk blogging and I'm aiming to get a week ahead. It’s pretty tough, even though I’ve permitted myself to only write between 250 - 500 words per post.

The first couple were way over that, they really flowed but it’s dark, my hips are hurting now and I’m desperate for a Trip.

(Trip = Cold, fizzy, non-alcoholic drink with extract of CBD oil in and eccentric flavours - I’m totally hooked. Get £15 off - or it may be 15% off your first order with this link)

The one thing I’m finding easier with this blogging style, rather than the old style, where one was very aware of key phrases and trying to please the search engines, is that the ideas are coming along very quickly.  

The short titles are enough to remind me what I wanted to share and while I’m trying to write well, the informal style is fun.

I’m unattached to the outcome, I just want to get one good nugget in each post that might be helpful to other entrepreneurs.

Hmmm, maybe that’s the difference?

Because I’ve broadened my audience to Entrepreneurs, as well as Experts, Authors and Speakers, I don’t have to keep it strictly to digital marketing and can talk more about mindset and money too.

My three favourite topics; mindset, marketing and money.

Apart from food, wine, poker and garage music. Oh and travel, aliens, films and Greece of course.

What would YOU like me to write about?

I’ve got another five to write on Monday so any input would be helpful!


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