March 21

Best Wealth Creation Books


Shaa Wasmund is reading another wealth creation book.  It’s ‘The Pyschology Of Money’ by Morgan Housel and she says:“Ever wondered how your background affects your relationship with money? Read on …

Lessons from ‘The Psychology of Money’ by Morgan Housel:

• Wealthy vs. rich... There’s a distinct line between being rich (earning a lot) and being wealthy (having freedom with your time). Real wealth is invisible. It's not what you spend but what you save and invest.

• Compounding... Patience is your friend in wealth-building, and the magic of compounding works wonders over decades. Yes, growing money over time is part of the bigger picture, but what’s also important is skills, relationships, and reinvesting in *yourself*."

If you want to read the rest of Shaa’s review on LinkedIn, click here >>>

I replied:

“I must have read every book on wealth out there! This is a new one on me but I just ordered it. Wealth creation is a topic that never fails to intrigue me, particularly about the psychology of money & wealth.

The ones that still stand out of the hundreds are 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' obvs. Then his 'Rich Dad's Guide To Investment' was surprisingly good about building a business as a route to wealthy.

The only one that went into dealing with money as a couple in any meaningful way was 'Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind' by T. Harv Ecker.

For business owners/entrepreneurs, I also loved 'Maverick' by Ricardo Semla and 'The Millionaire Fastlane" by MJ DeMarco and then a real essential for new entrepreneurs and startups is 'Profit First' by Michael Michalowicz.

Daniel Priestley contributed the two most awesome money tips for the follow-up to my book "The Money Gym',  which was "The Money Gym: My No 1 Best Money Tip (By Well-Known Entrepreneurs & Experienced Investors)"

But what I've learned about money and wealth since delving into macro-economics and how the banking system works has really shocked me.

I'm just reading 'The Money Matrix' by Rob Moore, he really gets it and is trying to wake folks up. Read that as a primer then confirm it all by reading 'The Creature From Jekyll Island".

You'll be changed forever in the way you think about and deal with money, if you read these books, I promise you.

Photo by Jingming Pan on Unsplash


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