Everyone’s shouting about Artificial Intelligence being the future killer of office jobs but the real revolution has already quietly happened.

It happened back in the late ‘90s.

I think were the first but I could be wrong.

They rolled up an email list with an autoresponder system and added tasks which occurred automatically, depending on the action a subscriber took. Did they click? Did they buy? Did they view a key page?

Yes, I know, all of that’s commonplace nowadays but it was revolutionary back then.

Hardly anyone knew about 1ShoppingCart, as most were still struggling with IFTT software. That was software that did something if something else happened first.

If this happens, then that should happen…

Zapier is one of those helpful tools and I think there is one that is called IFTT. They are still in use as they enable one software to talk to another. I recently used Zapier to set up Zoom to create/update an ActiveCampaign contact with any new registrations to the regular ‘A Better Entrepreneur‘ workshops I’m running.

So I’ve been using automation for years. I love it. Frees me up to be creative. To have ideas. To write stuff. To do the fun bits in my business, the bits that only I can do.

As soon as I’ve done something in my business three times, I’m looking for some automation. Any more than that, I’m looking to outsource.

Automation is one of the biggest boons to the solopreneur as it enables one person to do the work of many.

Outsourcing is one of the biggest boons to the solopreneur as it enables one person to grow a team, each of whom can do the work of many.

The best bit is that the first person you hire when outsourcing, could be the person who creates the tasks, systems and processes that will ensure the job gets done as you want it done. They will be the person who documents all that, creating the standard operating procedures (SOPS) that your business will need as you grow.

However, the most important thing about both automation and outsourcing is that both ensure something gets done.

Rather than that something not getting done.

What are you not doing in your business that you should be doing, but somehow, never do?

What could automation take off your hands?

What could outsourcing take off your hands?

Photo by Lucas Santos on Unsplash


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