Are You An Emotional Entrepreneur?

The main problem with social media marketing is that you have to actually go on to social media to share your posts. 

Sitting down to write my blog posts for the week, I was disturbed by a notification that someone I know (someone I think of as a friend) had made a comment about me in one of the groups I run. I won’t go into details, but it was in response to a question a new member had asked, she called me a name in public - we have just topped 5000 members - that I felt was wholly unjustified.  

It took a good half hour to sort things out, deleting her comment and replies (I don’t leave nasty conversations in the group, ever) and then sorting out the minor issue the first person was asking about.  

There are better ways to start a Bank Holiday, rainy as it is, and better ways of generating the flow of creativity required to write four blog posts in one sitting.

As I was making coffee, waiting for my feelings to subside, I noticed a post on Twitter by Jeff Berwick.

“Most people won't get this. Even people who say they get it, probably don't fully get it. There is only ONE thing you need to do. Not fix the world. Not fix your family. Not fix your friends. CONQUER your biggest opponent, your own mind. It's the thing creating every problem you have.” Jeff Berwick

(Ignore the daft flags in his profile, he’s running an experiment to see if having them in his profile will expand his reach on Twitter/X)

Jeff is a great thinker and he’s overcome a lot of negative things in his life, including the recent loss of his beloved little dog Lucy, so he knows of which he speaks.

He’s 100% right about getting control of your mind.  I was right in the middle of trying to do just that.  I had to overcome the problem of my heightened emotions before I could sit down and write my blog posts.

What does he recommend for getting control?  


Now before you poo-pooh it, I must say that I could not make myself meditate until I was about 45, when I discovered that it had been scientifically proven that all great thinkers and creative types meditated in some form or other. It was also proven, by brain scans of many different kinds of people, to grow the size of the brain's frontal cortex while shrinking the amygdala (responsible for the flight, fight or freeze response).

My co-podcast host Judith Morgan recommended Paul McKenna’s ‘Change Your Life In 7 Days’ book, which came with some downloadable guided meditations, two of which got me started. This is called Guided Meditation.

That got me started and I still recommend them to those people who can’t meditate by just concentrating on their breathing, a method I have now graduated to, and can swap into in seconds.

My feelings dominated my teenage and early adult years.  

Nobody in my family had any tools to share to help me deal with the emotional storms that would rage through me although my Nan had a bit more of a phlegmatic approach to life, looking back. 

She used to say ‘Go to sleep, things always feel better in the morning’ and indeed they do.

When awful things happened at home, it affected my ability to perform at work, and vice versa.

If only I had known back then that reminding myself of the simple phrase ‘This too will pass…’ would help so much!  My ‘black and white thinking’ made me think that what I was feeling now would last forever!

I got my daughter a poster for her bedroom wall saying just that when she turned 10 and things were getting stormy. She says now that it really helped.

Are you an emotional entrepreneur?

Why not try downloading a guided meditation and listening to it whenever you feel rough.  Ten minutes should do it and you don’t have to lie down, just sit in a quiet place with your phone and a pair of earbuds, relax and chill out.

It will make you so much more effective as an entrepreneur and you’ll make much better decisions.

That woman just apologised, in public, by the way.  By then I had calmed down enough that I could accept her apology immediately so peace reigns in our group again.

And I got this blog post out of it, so that’s a real result.

Photo by Roman Empire Times on Unsplash


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