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A bit later in her first week, Gail was sitting working on a description of her ideal client so that she could upload it to her ‘A Better Entrepreneur’ mentoring app and get the app to create a ‘customer persona’ that Gail could actually have a conversation with.

She had identified a couple of client types that she felt she would like to work with, based on people she had enjoyed success with at the Big Four consulting firm Gail had worked for.

However, she wasn’t sure about pitching her services to the corporate world.  She’d heard it was hard to get past the gatekeepers and find out who made the decisions on purchasing coaching and training services.  She had also heard that you had to wait ages to get paid.

Besides, most firms wanted you to work face to face with their employees and that would mean commuting again and she really didn’t want to do that.

‘I’ll be happy if I never see the inside of a train again! Who could I work with, who make their own buying decisions and who would be happy, even keen to work via Zoom?’ she wondered.

Gail didn’t feel confident enough yet to try and help newly redundant consultants, just like her, although that was definitely in her future.  ‘As soon as I’ve had a couple of successful years under my belt…’ she thought.

She wanted to leverage her consulting experience as well as her newly gained coaching qualifications.  Her division had specialised in the retail industry and over the last ten years, Gail had noticed that a lot of freelancers worked in that world, supplying services to the management-level people Gail had been mentoring. Perhaps they would benefit from an insider's knowledge of the industry?

She remembered one woman in particular, who specialised in creating launch events for big retailers, whenever a new fragrance or fashion line needed to get attention. 

‘I wonder if I could pick her brains about her challenges and whether she works with other freelancers.  I need to know how to get in front of a whole load of them at once…perhaps there’s a trade magazine, a podcast or a blog they follow?’ she wondered while making her latest coffee of the day.

Gail typed the woman’s first name - Magenta - into Twitter, LinkedIn and then Instagram and found her immediately. She saw that she was very active on the latter particularly. Gail started liking and commenting on some of her posts.  She seemed to use a venue just off South Molton Street quite often, in Grays Antiques, called The Music Room.  It was quite amazing what Magenta did with it for different events, some of the setups must have cost a fortune! 

‘I wonder who else uses The Music Room and if I could pay them to get access to their client list somehow?  Or if I could offer their clients something of interest?’

This was obviously quite a lucrative market so Gail felt more comfortable looking at freelancers in this world as potential clients. After all, she remembered Nicola Cairncross saying, in one of her books, that it was no good working your butt off to attract consulting/coaching clients who might need you but who couldn’t afford to pay you!  Although Gail hadn’t met Nicola yet, she spent so much time with her Business Mentoring App she felt like she knew her!

Gail followed Magenta’s Instagram account too and noticed, after a day or so, that Instagram was suggesting more retail and events influencers to her.  She followed them all and her feed was filling up with exciting events in the fashion, jewellery, hair and makeup world not to mention gorgeous interiors.  

By the end of her first week, Gail felt excited at the idea of being able to target the people in this world as potential clients as she’d always been interested in beautiful things.  

She was amazed how the idea had seemed to grow organically, as she worked with the Mentoring App, telling it about her background strengths and skills, talking to it as if it was a real person.

The idea for a course for people wanting to break into the retail world was starting to grow too, and Gail knew Nicola had a Micro Mastermind training on how to do that, but she wanted to talk to Magenta in person first to get some feedback.

Gail decided right there and then, to message Magenta and see if she could fix up a Zoom call.

She felt a small burst of excitement for what might happen next week in a way she never had in her consulting job.

Photo: The Music Room


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