Activity Versus Impact

Are you sharing content on Social Media as part of your marketing efforts for your business? If so, you are not alone. 

According to Google “In 2021, 91% of small businesses use social media, a significant increase from 86% in 2020. 63% of small business owners report that social media marketing was effective for their businesses.

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 73% of B2B marketers, and 70% of B2C marketers use content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. 97% of marketers surveyed by Semrush achieved success with their content marketing in 2023."

That’s pretty astonishing to me as I can remember the very beginning of it all, with email marketing in 1995-1996.  Trying to get even medium sized businesses to consider having a website was pretty hard work!

So we are now convinced that using social media marketing is effective, and content marketing even more so.

But how do we know whether our content marketing works, as a small business without all the fancy tracking and measuring tools that the big boys have at their disposal.

How do we know which bits of our content marketing works, on which platform, to drive traffic, leads and sales.

There’s a real danger of going down a content marketing rabbit hole that you never find your way out of.  I know that rabbit hole is real, because I’m a techie, I love tech and I’ve often been guilty of setting up all the tracking and conversion tech for my own business, at the expense of creating any content to share!

I’d advise keeping it really, really simple in the early days. Let's focus on your activity before we move onto the impact you are having.

Work out where you need to start and get cracking. 

Here’s a quick checklist for you to measure your content marketing against. 

Digital Marketing Ticklist

  • Are you creating content that connects with your customers in some way?
  • Are you sharing it on social media?
  • Are you sharing something at least once a day?
  • Are you getting traffic to your website? (Analytics will tell you)
  • How much traffic?  If it’s under 1000 visitors (users) a day, you need to crank it up!
  • Are any of them opting in to download your gift or discount offer? What percentage?
  • Are your website visitors seeing your offer page? (Analytics will tell you)
  • Is anyone buying? What percentage?
  • What does it cost to get a visitor to your website (total marketing spend divided by visitors)?
  • What does each visitor cost you?
  • What does each buyer cost you?
  • How much profit do you make per visitor?
  • How much profit do you make per buyer?

Go down the list until you can’t say yes, or tell me 'how much' wholeheartedly.  

That’s where you need to start.

I can help you with that.  

Book into my diary for a quick chat about your marketing  today.

Of course, all of this activity is better than no activity, and tracking your conversions is one way of measuring the impact your marketing is having.  

In a future post I'll talk about really refining the impact your content marketing is having.  Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter, or optin for a free gift, so that you don't miss that.

Photo by Moritz Mentges on Unsplash


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