Better Entrepreneur Challenge

Day 6 - Your Bonus Day

Welcome back!

So you've got your "Better Entrepreneur" system now. 

It's just "rinse and repeat" from now on!

Now, if I were a betting woman, I'd bet you are feeling a

Like there might be some secret I've not revealed yet?

Nope, that's it.


Only kidding.

Of course, there IS a secret and I'm going to share it with you right now.

Nicola with Phoebe & Nelson in her beloved Greece

The secret begins with a "C".

Got it yet?

Yep, the real success secret in this system is.......Consistency!

You actually need to keep doing it.

And you need to keep doing it even when it seems like it's not working - because it will work if you keep doing it,

When you keep doing it and you get it right.

You might need to tweak things a bit occasionally, and I can help you with working out what to tweak next.

If you are delivering the right kind of quality content to the right audience, and you have a compelling free offer to create new leads, then you make sure there's an easy OBVIOUS way for your potential clients or customers to get in touch and experience your product or service, you WILL WIN!

And now you have a low-cost way to test all that, to test each element of your offer. To test your offer on different audiences.

Until you get to the point where you have an OFFER THAT CONVERTS and carries on converting, week after week, with the minimum of effort for you.

But that could take 90 days, it could take 120 days, it could take a year.

On average, if you want to sell one thing at £50, you need between 10-100 people to see that offer.  

That's the hardest bit actually.  Because until at least 100 people have seen your offer (ideally 1000) you won't have a statistically significant number to be able to tell if your offer is rubbish or not.


Well, you either pay for it or you work for it.

Talk to me if you want to pay for it and I can help you there. Otherwise...

You can either do one task a day - just like you have been doing over the previous week, or you can batch the video recording once a quarter and hand it all off to a VA.

If you visit Substack and set that up as a podcast, uploading your Audio each week with the shownotes from, you'll benefit from their audience too, not to mention Apple Podcasts, YouTube & Spotify,  Substack distribute your podcast to all of the other platforms.

That's pretty much all you need to do, to keep a regular flow of eyeballs, enquiries, ideal customers or clients and business, coming to your door.


I would suggest you add into your weekly schedule to send out at least one email a week, about your new content as it comes out in video format.

Then, when the blog version comes out, schedule in some time to send one out midway through the following week to the people who didn't open the previous email, saying something like

"Prefer to read? Here's a link to the transcription... LINK"

And then when the podcast version comes out you could do the same for the "Prefer to listen?" people.

That way, you could be emailing sections of your list three times a week with value-driven content, but different content in different formats.

That's when they'll naturally get exposed to your great content in the way they prefer to consume content - video, audio or written.

BUT more importantly they will be exposed at least weekly and often three times a week to your PS call to action.


You can set up an email Super PS, just like I have.

Here's what my Gmail email signoff currently looks like... (and it's also in my Substack signoff)


Talk soon!


P.S. When you are ready, here's how I can help:

  1. My book 'A Better Entrepreneur' is a great warts-and-all introduction, a business memoir plus the Top 25 lessons I learned along the way.  My blog usually has some good articles on it too.
  2. The YouTube Channel is regularly updated. Here's a quick presentation I did for an entrepreneur's virtual event recently (and there's plenty more on the channel there, so don't forget to subscribe).
  3. Prefer to listen? Subscribe to the podcast via Substack or on your usual favourite podcast platform.  Look for 'A Better Entrepreneur' with Nicola Cairncross.
  4. Not sure what you need? Book a free 15-minute Triage Call
  5. Ready to move forward and find the hidden gold in your business? Want more 1:2:1 attention? Check out your 3 main options for working with me here.

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You don't have to do five, three would be fine.  Don't forget to include a paid offer though, put yourself in danger of making some money!

Don't forget to come over to the Facebook Group and ask more questions or get my feedback.

You can give me a great testimonial there too, if you have enjoyed this Challenge.

I really hope you HAVE enjoyed this Challenge, and I hope that you feel inspired to work with me to get your 'automated marketing machine' up and running and making sales for your business.

If you've got this far, I'm really looking forward to working with you!

You're an action-taker.

Warm regards

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