Better Entrepreneur Challenge

Day 3 - Creating Your Product Or Service

Watch the video attached to this post FIRST (you'll find it below) then tackle the Tasks below, one by one.

Task 1 - Do You Have Something To Give Away & Sell?

It may be that you already know what you are going to offer your ideal customer or client first.

But do you have a free giveaway product?

Do you have a low cost product, (often called a Lead Product)?

The first one will be the thing you give away as an 'ethical bribe' to entice someone to give you their name and email address, or to give you permission to contact them via Messenger or DM.

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The second will be the low cost thing you offer immediately to your new contacts in order to establish if they are just 'freebie seekers' or genuine customers.  It should deliver enormous value for the price, and be a genuine introduction to your main product or service.

The second also has another role, which is to liquidate the cost of your traffic, if you are using paid ads or 'boosts'.  Turning your marketing cost into a profit center ideally.

Task 2 - No Product Or Service? 

If you don't have a product or service, maybe you will want to consider creating a simple training course like this one.  You could use a paid service such as Thinkific or a simple set of pages on your website to deliver the course.

After payment, each day or module can be delivered by email autoresponder series.

Sound good? But not so fast...

Watch my video below to give you some great ideas about how to create a profitable training course.

Task 3 - How Will You Take Payment? Deliver The Goods?

You can take payment via Gumroad or Stripe.  I don't recommend PayPal any more as I've heard too many first hand horror stories of them keeping your money because you've done something, anything, wrong. it even happened to me once.

With regards to hosting your newsletter and delivering email to prospects or customers, I use Active Campaign but Mailchimp is also very good.  You'll need to compare prices as some charge by the thousand subscribers and once you go past a certain point, charges vary dramatically.  If you are not techie, any decent VA will be able to set things up for you.  Ask me in the Facebook Group  for my Cheatsheet on how to hire a great VA on Upwork.

If your newsletter is going to become your product (a long, hard, slow process unless you have a huge audience on social media already) then you will want to compare Substack with Beehiiv for example.  Both are great, but have different costs and capabilities.  Substack will also host and distribute your podcast free and you can have several paid levels.  Beehiiv looks nicer.

If you don't have a website yet, look at, where you can have several beautiful pages to offer your freebie and thank you page, then host your sales page and thank you page, all for $10 per year. You can even create 'hidden' pages to deliver your content.

But if you are going to get serious about your business, you'll want to look at Squarespace, or longterm, a self-hosted WordPress website is the way to go.

Questions?  By all means get a discussion going in the private Facebook Group!

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