Better Entrepreneur Challenge

Day 01 - Your Ideal Client & Their Challenges

Welcome to Day 1 of the Challenge.

PLEASE NOTE: In some of the videos, you may hear me refer to Clicks & Leads or BEO or 'Be Everywhere Online'.  

Long Story. Please don't worry, you are in the right place.

So let's crack on shall we?

Your Challenge will follow this format:

* Day 00 > Task 1 > Task 2 > Task 3 etc
* Ask Questions In the private Facebook Group 
* Whatsapp Nicola re: anything private & personal

Task 1 each day is always to watch the short video below.



Nicola with Phoebe & Nelson in her beloved Greece

Insert Video

Task #2

In your Productivity Journal, list four types of people who you think would be interested in your product or service.  They must have the following charactistics:

  • Be a 'hungry crowd' in that your product or service solves an urgent NEED or WANT for them. 
  • Be someone who will either save TIME or MONEY by buying your product or service
  • Be over 18 and have the ability to pay for your product or service.  They must be able to afford it and have the means to pay (Debit or Credit Card)
  • Not need to consult anyone else to make the buying decision.

Task #3

Right click and download the PDF in the next column and work through it, for each of your 'ideal customer or client' groups in turn.  

At the end of each of the four sessions, ask ChatGPT to summarise each group and assess which would be the best group to start marketing your product or service to first.  


Ask your questions about each days' task and your specific business in the... yes, you guessed it, the Facebook Group using the hashtag #challenge


If you want to share your homework and get feedback, share it in the Facebook Group with the hashtag #feedback


If you have a #techquestion use this tag



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