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Back in 1998 when a small group of brand new UK coaches were first learning how to build a coaching business, marketed largely online, we were being taught by the master, Thomas Leonard.

Founder of Coach U, then Coachville, Thomas certainly had his personal challenges but he was the most inspirational man I’d come across for a long time.  He lived in a silver airstream-type RV and travelled across the USA, speaking and coaching huge numbers of people via PDF downloads and online audio teleseminars, as they were called at the time. 

He not only worked from his RV but he had MOBILE internet!

His book, ‘The Portable Coach’ and the lessons based on that book, were changing the lives of thousands of aspiring coaches across the world and, by association, the lives of their clients.

All of this was building him a very strong personal brand indeed.  He also shared the limelight with some of his most successful students/coaches, whose own personal brands grew strongly too.

What were they all doing to build their brands?  

Just being themselves.  But to lots and lots of people.

Thomas was brilliant with regard to online marketing and so, having been through the process and stumped up large sums of cash ourselves (so we knew it worked) we all set about diligently following Thomas’ example.  

We started building simple 5-page websites, automated email mailing lists and writing a weekly newsletter.  Somehow along the way, not long after 1998, we decided to archive our weekly newsletters on our websites and Google just loved this and sent ever more traffic our way.  

As well as talking about our ‘specialist subjects’ in those newsletters, we always included a personal section and in that, we shared what was going on in our own lives and businesses.

We called this ‘hanging our arses out in public’.  The name of the game was to be honest and authentic, without detracting from the fact that you know your stuff and demonstrated that you can help people by... er! actually helping people.

Adding the newsletters to the websites was an early form of blogging and apart from Google loving it, it slowly but surely attracted our ideal clients to us.

Those newsletters also gave those who wanted to refer us to their friends, an easy way of doing so.  In the same way that sharing a social media post or the link to a Facebook group does nowadays.

All of this may sound very familiar to you, especially if you are one of my subscribers, because I’ve not deviated very much from this formula over the years (because it works).  But it was revolutionary in those days.

Alongside all the virtual activity, speaking would help you make a more personal connection and my first ever big speaking event was to nearly 1000 people at the Internet Marketing Summit 2009, such was the strength of my online personal brand. 

Guesting on podcasts is another way of speaking in public, as is hosting your own. I remember podcasts being around in 1999 or so, I may have even started one, but they never really took off until later.

Where am I going with all this?

Well, I’m currently working on a new Lead Magnet Giveaway as ebooks don’t work anymore, people are not really interested in reading much, they download them and never read them.

Much better to give people a positive view of your brand as quickly as possible by getting them concrete results.

The two biggest issues my clients face initially are confusion around creating a content strategy, and confusion around building a personal brand.

As all of the above will show you, there’s nothing fancy about creating a powerful personal brand.  Some good graphics, a simple website, an ezine newsletter and some way of spreading your content across social media will do it.

As long as you are authentic, you’ll be fine.  You are your brand.

But what to create that content on?  

 ‘Aye, there’s the rub’ as my auld Scottish grannie would say.

As a reader of my newsletter or watcher of my videos, you'll know I used to regularly fall into 'dry patches' when I couldn't think of what to create content on.

But not any more!

i've developed a dynamic system that means I'm never stuck for things to create content around.

And it's showing up in my traffic numbers, subscribers, followers, friends on social media, new subscribers, client enquiries, well, just about everywhere.

So that’s what I’m going to create my new Lead Magnet around, because you would not believe how much easier this system is making this previously monumental task for people.

Here’s what I’ve come up with as a title…

"The Magnetic Content 5-Day Challenge: Become More Visible & Irresistible To Your Ideal Future Client"

What do you think?

A bit more exciting sounding that ‘Download my book ‘Attract 3.0’ for free’, eh?

Picture courtesy of Sarah Nichols on Flickr (Creative Commons License)


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