A Bit Of A Rebrand

My journey through the entrepreneurial labyrinth has had its share of dead ends and triumphant breakthroughs. Sitting down to record this, despite a day plagued by tech gremlins and a looming haircut appointment, I realized the raw authenticity of this moment perfectly mirrors the candid revelations I'm about to share. With that spirit, I'm thrilled to pull back the curtain on my latest venture—a rebrand that's so much more than a fresh coat of digital paint. It's a gateway to understanding the decisions, the drive, and the hard truths that come with being an entrepreneur.This episode isn't just a run-of-the-mill chat; it's the unveiling of my new book, a narrative that charts my awakening to the invisible barriers that stunt success. It's not a handbook; it's a story. A story of a 35-year-old who's stumbled, risen, and stumbled again, only to climb higher each time. The pages of my book echo the chapters of my life, with each one distilling a lesson learned the hard way. The response has been overwhelming, with positivity flooding in through early reviews. Join me as I explore how my personal and professional evolution unfolds and takes shape in the words I've penned, hoping to resonate and ripple through our community of listeners and beyond.


(01:56 - 03:02) Rebranding and Online Struggles (65 Seconds)

(09:32 - 10:52) Content Creation Challenges and Solutions (80 Seconds)


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In this new podcast episode @NicolaCairnX shares why she's rebranding and how her new book inspired her to keep going over the last couple of years.

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00:00 - Nicola Cairncross (Host)
Well, welcome back everyone. It's Cairncross ross here, and I haven't been around for a couple of weeks because I've been working on a complete rebrand, actually, and I wanted to explain to you why I decided to do that. Because one of the things that people who get my newsletter say they value very much is to watch a working entrepreneur working and being entrepreneurial and why. You know why you make the decisions you make and what drives you, and things like that. So I thought I'd just restart my YouTube channel recordings by. I've had a very, very frustrating day technologically speaking and, as you can see, I'm waiting for a haircut, so I nearly didn't press record on the camera. But then I watched a bit of Neil Oliver doing his Q&A sessions and I thought do I actually care what Neil's fringe looks like when he's answering questions? No, I don't. So I'm just going to sit and ignore that and next week I'll be a little better groomed, but yeah, so what I want to just talk to you today about was the fact that I've rebranded everything because the new book is out.

Let me just show you this is not. This is not the final copy. Now how can I show you that? So it goes into. Oh, there we go. So this is the new book. It's rather beautiful inside, it's got a really lovely font and it's got some nice little pictures, but it's not the final cover. This was the draft cover and it's got a much more business-like looking cover on it now. So if you go to Amazon, don't be alarmed that this is not the cover, but I just want to show you you know what a chunky little bugger it is, because it's actually the book I'm most proud of so far, because it's a book that I've written, as you might know, as a story, and it's the story of my awakening to the main thing that stops most people succeeding in life, and it happened to me at the ripe old age of 35. And that's the other thing I'm going to try and do today is try and do a recording that doesn't need too much editing. So, yeah, so why did I so right?

Coming back to the book, so this sort of gave me the opportunity to rebrand, because I've had an ongoing problem since back in the day when I had my first business, when I got Google slapped and the website got delisted and my email address got blacklisted and it just went on like that and then Facebook picked up, picked up on that and I had problems with that. And then I went to clicks and leads, dot com after a while and that I had a few business situations between that. But clicks and leads eventually got tarred with the same brush and Nicola can cross dot com got tarred with the same brush. So even saying the names of those domains might be might be scuppering me, I don't know. It was because my first book was about teaching ordinary people has to extraordinary things with money. I fell foul of it in 2006. I remember the exact moment when I realized something weird was going on, but I've been jumping from URL to URL ever since. It's been like a game whack a mole. But yeah, so I'm up to a new, brand new situation now, because I've been working for the last 25 plus years with authors, experts, speakers, trainers and all kinds of all kinds of experts, basically and I've been helping them to improve their digital marketing.

Well, with this book, I'm expanding my operations a little bit, because I there's any. So many times you can tell people how to do, get a, build a following and put people through a sales funnel and then set up a course or a membership site from your expertise. And what I want to do particularly with this book is to expand on my story but also to tell that in a hero's journey kind of exciting story, because my, my life did go up and down and up and down and it's you know, I learned some stuff along the way. As I say, 25 hard learned lessons is the latest iteration of that subtitle, because each lesson was hard learned and each chapter leads on to the lesson learned. So it's quite unusual kind of book and I'm hoping that it will become quite popular over time as people read it and recommend it and the reviews are coming in very favorable at the moment.

But it's going to be an opportunity to think about what I want to do and how I want to continue working with people as a mentor and a coach and what kind of content I want to be putting out, because of course in order to sell anything online you have to build an audience and the audience I've built on YouTube is pretty much the right kind of audience. That, as you might have known from previous watching previous videos, I stuffed that up a bit by chasing the search engine traffic on one particular video which brought a lot of traffic, but it was the wrong kind of traffic. So that's the thing about YouTube you have to be very careful about who your audience is, and I think my audience is anyone who is looking to become a better entrepreneur, whether that's in the startup phase, whether it's in the fact that you're starting to make some money and you want to scale it up, or whether it's in the phase of some of my clients who are incredibly extraordinarily successful in their own right but who then want to branch out into a different lane, or who want to see where they're losing money, where they're leaving money on the table in their business. That seems to be one of my superpowers helping people find the hidden gold in their business. So the whole book thing has enabled me to slightly twist my branding a little bit, to go back to branding myself, but with a new URL, and to go into a more expanding, wider field of content. So I was thinking about how to do that and, as if you're a long term viewer of this channel, you'll know that I have some reason.

I've struggled with ideas for content. I think this because there's this constant push, pull of what do my audience want or need. Well, what do they want, which is one thing. What do they need, which is a completely separate thing. And then, what do I want to do and what am I interested in?

And the thing about the better entrepreneur concept is that I'm unfailingly interested in the psychology of being an entrepreneur. What makes one person an entrepreneur and one person not? What makes me different from the rest of my family? You know, we're all quite happy to go and get a job and work quite happily and I'm actually a bit jealous of that, to be honest that they can all go to a desk job or whatever kind of job they're doing every single day and not think too deeply about it. Just, you know, do their jobs well and get paid and come home and forget about it, which I'm, as I say, I'm a bit, a little bit jealous of, because I'm constantly thinking about my business All the time and I can't stop myself. Luckily, I've got some friends around me who are just the same, so I feel okay about that. I don't feel quite so out on a limb as a weirdo, but so, yeah.

So what I started to do so what I've started to do is I've started to change everything, to talk about being a better entrepreneur as the core thing, rather than be everywhere online, which some social media platforms again didn't like that concept at all. And what I've also started to do is to rebrand the whole Nicola Ken cross thing, and I've got a new logo that I'm happy with, I've got a new looking website that I'm happy with and I'm starting to rebrand my LinkedIn and my YouTube and my Twitter headers to reflect that new brand and I'm feeling quite incentivized by it. The other thing that came to me this week is I've started to think about how can I most easily put out content, and I was looking at one of my previous coaches, chris Barrow, whose website is coachbarrowcom, and he's had that URL since I've known him, which was back in 1998 or 1999, long time ago now and so he's been blogging on that every single workday, my every single workday and he reaches dentists. So everything he talks about on that blog is dentist orientated and you can imagine the search engine juice he's built up over the years. Now I looked at some of his blog posts last week and they were pithy I think it's a word, for some of them are only like 250 words long, but they, every single one of them, is no fluff, there's no frills. There's just good information that is of interest to dentists and that is how he's built his business that and speaking. And he did co-writer book with E-Myth author Michael Gerber. He did E-Myth for dentists, but that's pretty much it. He's had one book out, as far as I'm aware. He's blogged every day, every weekday, and he's done speaking engagements and appeared on other people's webinars and things like that.

So talk about keeping it simple and what a blissful relief that must be. So I thought, oh, I could do that again. I mean, I did. That's how I built my first business online by blogging every day. Pretty much I think I might be three times a week and then right sending out a newsletter at the end of the week. So I thought let's just strip it right back, let's just make it really simple and let's just start writing again, because obviously writing the book got me in the flow again of writing. So I started writing blog posts on NicolaCareNextcom and they're daily and they're going up to Monday to Friday and they get mailed out to my mailing list just so they don't have to remember to go and look at them on the blog. So that's nice. That's a nice bit of tech I've reintroduced and the other thing.

I thought to myself as a shower the other day, thinking what can I do with that YouTube channel and what can I do with that sub stack podcast, because that's where my podcast is hosted. Now I thought you're an idiot. You're creating the content on the blog. Why don't you just turn it into audio for the podcast and why don't you just turn it into video for YouTube? Now I've got to work out how to do that because, as I say, I've had a challenging, techy morning trying to get a teleprompter going so that I can do a Zoom meeting like this.

That's where I record my stuff and I can actually look at you while seeing what I'm supposed to be saying, because what I normally do is make bullet points. Sorry about the sirens, there we go. I usually make bullet points and then just speak spontaneously, but I figure that if I've written a blog post, I might as well use a teleprompter and see if I can read it, quite naturally, while looking at the camera. I'm not convinced it's going to work and I've had free attempts at subscribing and I can't get Zoom to work with it at all. So I gave up in disgust, went off to make coffee, watched a bit of Neil Oliver, thought to myself look, he's just sitting there looking into a camera talking and answering questions. For God's sake, just do it. Just get something out this week and then you can see if you can get the bells and whistles going for next week.

So, as I'm starting again, in a way, I want to know what you want to know. So have a look at the list of videos that I've made so far. Do tell me in the comments under this video if there's anything you'd like me to cover about being a better entrepreneur, no matter where you are in your journey. And also do tell me if you've read the book. Here we go Better entrepreneur, available on Amazon. Actually, if you come to a better entrepreneurcom, you can get a digital copy without needing a Kindle. So I've made it available on paperback, kindle and digital copy for all other gadgets. Let me know if you've read it, let me know what you think about it, let me know if you resonate with any of the 25 lessons there, and I look forward to talking to you next week probably. And do come and check out the blog at NicolaCairnX.com. See you later.

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