A Better Entrepreneur | 7 July 2024


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I start this episode with some fond personal memories of Alan Forrest Smith, who sadly died this last week, age 61.

Have you ever wondered what drives a person to start their own business? Join us as we uncover the origins of entrepreneurship with Greg Porter in our latest podcast episode. We reflect on my own entrepreneurial beginnings, inspired by the resourcefulness of my grandmother and mother, and a childhood book swap library in Wales. These early ventures laid the groundwork for a lifetime of entrepreneurial pursuits and taught invaluable lessons about vision, mission, and resilience.

The journey to success is rarely a straight line, and we dive into the power of taking responsibility for one's actions as a key to entrepreneurial victory. Drawing from insights in my new book, "A Better Entrepreneur," and influential works like "Getting to Plan B" and "The Lean Startup," we explore the importance of experimentation, realistic goal-setting, and continuous learning. Learn how treating your business efforts as experiments can lead to profound growth and understand the psychological benefits of tackling low-bar targets to build momentum. Intuition plays a critical role in entrepreneurship and relationships.

We examine how gut feelings and critical interpretation of information, inspired by interviews like Tucker Carlson’s with Putin, can guide better business decisions. Hear cautionary tales of ignoring intuition in partnerships and the invaluable role mentors play in steering us forward.

Finally, we break down essential business fundamentals—covering metrics like turnover, gross profit, and cash flow—and share practical strategies to enhance efficiency and growth. Don’t miss these actionable insights and real-life examples that could transform your entrepreneurial journey.

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